2016 Film Series

Sponsored by CNOW & Blue Ridge Abortion Assistance Fund

This film series features the work of Dorothy Fadiman, Concentric Media’s Founder and Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for “Stealing America: Vote by Vote.” Fadiman has been producing films for 35 years. Her awards include an EMMY, an OSCAR nomination, and a GOLD MEDAL from PBS.

Come see all 3 films in the Abortion Rights Film Trilogy

Films will be shown at 7 p.m. at the Downtown Central Library


Shown on January 20: “When Abortion was Illegal” The Dangers of Back Alleys. A Celebration & Reception for the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade


February 16, Tuesday: “From Danger to Dignity” The Fight for Safe Abortion

This film weaves together two parallel stories: the evolution of underground networks that helped women find safe abortions outside the law, and the intensive efforts by activists and lawmakers to decriminalize abortion through legislative and judicial channels.

This film combines rare archival footage with interviews that document the courageous efforts of those who fought to break the silence, change the laws and end the shame which surrounded abortion when it was a crime.


April 19, Tuesday: “The Fragile Promise of Choice” Abortion in the U.S.A. Today 

This film is a compelling documentary which examines the erosion of abortion rights and access in the U.S. today. Safe legal procedures still remain out of reach for many women. Cost factors, travel distance, and strict legislation create barriers to access, particularly for low-income women.


Don’t miss these amazing new films!!

National NOW Board Meeting

Greetings NOW Members!

We will be holding a special National NOW Board meeting on Monday, January 25 at 8 pm Eastern Time (7pm Central; 6pm Mountain; 5pm Pacific) to vote on the proposed rules for the 2016 National NOW Board elections and for filling Board vacancies. At that time an Election Committee for the 2016 Board elections will also be appointed. All NOW members are welcome to attend! Click on the link below to register:



Bonnie Grabenhofer

Vice President

National Organization for Women

So all these companies making money off your personal information, do you receive a check?

The state of California is the furthest along in establishing privacy laws for its people. This includes medical privacy, internet privacy, as well as laws that restrict businesses, medical facilities, the internet from using your personal information to make money for themselves. After all, do you receive a check from the profits they make off of you?

California Law – Constitutional Right to Privacy

California Privacy Rights Include:

Public Record Exemption for Sex Offense Victims California Government Code section 6254 and California Penal Code section 293. These laws prohibit the disclosure of the names and addresses of victims of specific sex-related crimes in documents provided in response to requests for records, including responses provided under the California Public Records Act.
Domestic Violence Victim Privacy – California Civil Code section 1798.79.8 This law prohibits a domestic violence victim service provider from being required to reveal the personally identifying information of its clients or potential clients as a part of applying for or receiving grants or financial assistance for its services. It defines “victim service provider” to mean a non-governmental organization that provides shelter or services to victims of domestic violence.

Medical Information, Collection for Direct Marketing Purposes – California Civil Code section1798.91. This law prohibits a business from seeking to obtain medical information from an individual for direct marketing purposes without, (1) clearly disclosing how the information will be used and shared, and (2) getting the individual’s consent.

Medical Information Confidentiality – California Civil Code sections 56-56.37.This law puts limits on the disclosure of patients’ medical information by medical providers, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, and many businesses organized for the purpose of maintaining medical information. It specifically prohibits many types of marketing uses and disclosures. It requires an electronic health or medical record system to protect the integrity of electronic medical information and to automatically record and preserve any change or deletion.

Court Records: Protection of Victim and Witness Information – California Penal Code section 964.This law requires the district attorney and the courts in each county to establish a procedure to protect confidential personal information regarding any witness or victim contained in a police report, arrest report, or investigative report submitted to a court by a prosecutor in support of a criminal complaint, indictment, or information, or by a prosecutor or law enforcement officer in support of a search warrant or an arrest warrant.

The state of Virginia has no procedure in place to protect an individual’s privacy regarding public court records.  Instead of protecting victim/witness information, Virginia has the opposite law –>  Virginia Freedom of Information Act.




Disposal of Customer Records – California Civil Code sections 1798.80 – 1798.81 and 1798.84.These sections require businesses to shred, erase or otherwise modify the personal information when disposing of customer records under their control. It provides a “safe harbor” from civil litigation for a business that has come into possession of records containing personal information that were abandoned, so long as the business disposes of them as provided in the statute.

Electronic Eavesdropping – California Penal Code sections 630-638. Among other things, this law prohibits, with exceptions, electronic eavesdropping on or recording of private communications by telephone, radio telephone, cellular radio telephone, cable or any other device or in any other manner.  It prohibits cable TV and satellite TV operators from monitoring or recording conversations in a subscriber’s residence, or from sharing individually identifiable information on subscriber viewing habits or other personal information without written consent (section 637.5).

Electronic Surveillance in Rental Cars – California Civil Code section 1936. This law prohibits vehicle rental companies from using, accessing, or obtaining information relating to a renter’s use of a rental vehicle obtained using onboard electronic surveillance technology, except in limited circumstances. It requires rental companies to obtain a renter’s consent before using or disclosing information about the renter’s use of the vehicle.

Employment of OffendersCalifornia Penal Code section 4017.1 and Penal Code section 5071 and California Welfare and Institutions Code section 219.5. Prison and county jail inmates may not have jobs that give them access to personal information. The same prohibitions apply to offenders performing community service in lieu of a fine or custody.

Identification Devices, Prohibition on Bodily Implanting – California Civil Code section 52.7.This law prohibits a person from requiring, coercing, or compelling any other individual to undergo the subcutaneous implanting of an identification device. The law specifically requires that it be liberally construed to protect privacy and bodily integrity. The law also provides for the assessment of civil penalties for violation, as specified, and allows an aggrieved party to bring an action for damages and injunctive relief, subject to a 3-year statute of limitation, or as otherwise provided.



Just Say ERA.

President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union Address Tuesday January 12, 2016–three years and a day after the launch of the successful White House ERA Petition.

Yet, despite nearly three years of waiting–the Grassroots ERA Advocates who worked tirelessly to meet the then 25,000 signature threshold in the 30 days required to trigger an official response from the Obama Administration have not heard President Obama say ERA even once! (33,107 signers from across the country and around the world added their names before the petition closed on August 12, 2013.)

Sex discrimination is NOT outlawed in the U.S. Constitution. This is an outrage and it’s time President Obama addresses this injustice directly.

The absence of this protection is at epidemic proportion across the country and is getting noticed by our world wide neighbors. Click here to read the 2015 United Nations working group report. The group of human rights experts found the condition of U.S. women deplorable and recommends the United States ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and hold true to the commitment made in 2010 and 2015 to ratify CEDAW (the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women).

Please Join us in Calling on President Obama to Lead on ratifying the ERA.

  1. CLICK Here to Join our Thunderclap: Obama #JustSayERA #SOTU2016
  2. Call President Obama: 202-456-1111/ 202-456-1414 and send him an e-mail by Clicking Here.
  3. Tweet @POTUS

Tell him U.S. Women and Girls need and deserve Constitutional protection IMMEDIATELY and that we expect our President to demonstrate a true commitment to the ERA  movement by declaring his support and vowing to do his part  in his final State of the Union Address.

In Solidarity,
Tammy and Cathy
Co-directors, ERA Action

What is Empowerment?

By Lauriane Lebrun Empowerment.  From “empower” (em-pou-er). “1) To give power or authority to; authorize, especially by legal or official means. 2) To enable or permit.” I have been thinking about this word a lot.  As one will find in the design plans for the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial, “empowerment” is set to be the memorial theme.  […]


2015 Silent Sentinel Award Dinner — September 17, 2015

The Honorable Margaret Milner Richardson received the 2015 Silent Sentinel Award on  September 17, 2015, at the The Woodlands at Algonkian in Sterling, Virginia. The annual Silent Sentinel Award honors a person who has been instrumental in advocating for women’s rights in the United States. It highlights and honors outstanding individuals who share common traits with those who stood […]


Virginia NOW Staff Openings

Dear Supporter,

We’ve got some exciting new openings and we want YOU to join NOW!!
If any of the positions below sound like something you would be interested in, please contact us! Our Communications VP, Paradise Kendra, will be more than happy to contact you to answer any inquiries you have about a particular opening. We look forward to hearing from you!

ERA Coordinator: Blogger, coalition contact, legislation watchdog and social media maven for the Equal Rights Amendment. Keep our members up-to-date on developments in VA and nationally on ratification. Work with and coordinate with ERA groups in other states, and with the VA Women’s Equality Coalition when necessary. It’s one issue, but its own project. In you become one of the “ambassadors” of Virginia NOW so you must both play nicely and punch hard, and know when each is required. Appointed by the President, Diana Egozcue, and works with Paradise Kendra, the Communications Vice President.

Fundraising Chair: Creatively raises funds for Virginia NOW’s 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 through a variety of strategies. Chair will be responsible for marketing and promoting Virginia NOW’s vibrant, feminist message and also for acquiring its donations and memberships. Online and offline donation/membership letters, flyers, brochures, etc. are the fundraising chair’s responsibility. Take advantage of a nearby festival that allows vendors and promote Virginia NOW with its own table! Setup Amazon.com‘s non-profit donation option! Think outside the box to get us the biggest bang for our buck. Just keep it legit! ;) Appointed by the President, Diana Egozcue, and works with the Marketing Director and Paradise Kendra, the Communications Vice President.

Marketing Director: Conceive, plan, supply and staff events ranging from non-traditional fundraisers to recharging socials for our members to assistance with the state council meeting and conference. Banners, buttons, t-shirts, brochures, flyers, logos/graphics, membership and donation letters, etc. are to be kept track of and also delivered throughout the various chapters as needed. Appointed by the President, Diana Egozcue and works with the Fundraising Chair and Paradise, the Communications Vice President.

Party Representative: Assist in finding locations geared for highest attendance. Setup the food/catering/decor/invite preparations for events. Assist Communications VP with the promotion both online and offline using social media resources as needed. Assists the President, Treasurer, Communications VP and chapter presidents with coordinating and promoting statewide and local events. If within the budget, hotels, etc. Assist in the fundraising and donor appreciation. Appointed by the President, Diana Egozcue.

Outreach Director: Assists the Membership VP and Communications VP with recruiting new people to our organization! Must have an interest in connecting with as many communities as possible, be able to manage our membership database, social media networks, etc.
Appointed by the President, Diana Egozcue.

PAC President: Co-chairwoman can be either the Virginia NOW President, the Legislative VP, or both of you. Executive Position appointed by the President, Diana Egozcue.

Historian: This position is for a lover of archiving who has a background in photography and video editing. Historian is going to be documenting, converting, transferring, preserving, and archiving the history of women in Virginia as they deserve to be! Our Historian will also be responsible for making sure Virginia NOW’s history and media files are safe and secure. We need all the hands possible to help us archive the feminist foremothers of Virginia! We’d appreciate the help of all you talented artists out there! Appointed by the Communications VP, Paradise Kendra.

These openings are appointed positions and are for the moment, unpaid.
Please submit your resume to communicationsvp@vanow.org. Thank you!

For details visit: http://www.vanow.org/join/initiatives-for-participation#sthash.9b0nVIfp.dpuf

Thank you!
Katie Regan
Web Editor
Virginia NOW

Congrats to our Endorsed Candidates on your Victories!!


Mamie E. Lock (D) 2nd District
Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth Cities; York County

Donald McEachin (D) 9th District
Henrico, Hanover, Charles City Counties; Richmond City

Deborah Repp (D)12th District
Henrico and Hanover Counties

Jill McCabe (D)13th District
Loudoun and Prince William Counties

Roslyn Dance (D)16th District
Chesterfield, Prince George, Dinwiddie Counties; Richmond, Petersburg, Hopewell cities

Louise Lucas (D)18th District
Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Emporia, Franklin cities; Southampton, Sussex, Isle of Wight, Greensville, Surry, Brunswick Counties

Kim Adkins (D) 20th District
Henry, Halifax, Patrick, Pittsylvania, Carroll, Franklin Counties; Danville, Martinsville, Galax cities

April Moore (D) 26th District
Shenandoah, Rockingham, Warren, Page, Rappahannock counties: Harrisonburg City

Jeremy McPike (D) 29th District
Prince William County, Manassas City, Manassas Park City

Adam Ebbin (D) 30th District
Alexandria City, Fairfax and Arlington Counties
Barbara Favola (D)31st District
Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun Counties

Janet Howell- Dem- Senate 32nd District
Fairfax and Arlington Counties

Jennifer Wexton (D) 33rd District
Loudoun and Fairfax Counties

Scott Surovell (D) 36th District
Prince William, Fairfax, Stafford Counties

George Barker (D) 39th District
Fairfax and Prince William Counties; Alexandria city


Sam Rasoul (D) 11th District
Roanoke City

Laurie Buchwald (D) 12th District
Montgomery, Giles, and Pulaski Counties; Radford City

Don Shaw (D)13th Delegate District
Prince William County, Manassas Park City

Susan Hippen (D) 21st District
Virginia Beach City, Chesapeake City

Ellen Arthur (D) 24th District
Rockbridge, Amherst, August, Bath Counties; Lexington City

Angela Lynn (D) 25th Delegate District
Abermarle, Augusta, Rockingham Counties

Kandy Hilliard (D) 28th District
Stafford County, Fredericksburg City

Sara Townsend (D) 31st Delegate District
Southern Fauquier and Prince William Counties

Elizabeth Miller (D) 32nd District
Loudoun County

Kathleen Murphy (D) 34th Delegate District
McLean Virginia, including Loudoun and Fairfax Counties

Kaye Kory (D) 38th District
Fairfax County

Vivian Watts (D) 39th District
Fairfax County

Eileen Filler-Corn (D) 41st District
Fairfax County

Mark Sickles (D) 43rd District
Fairfax County

Charniele Herring (D) 46th District
Alexandria City

Patrick Hope (D) 47th District
Arlington County

Alfonso Lopez (D) 49th District
Arlington and Fairfax Counties

Toni Radler (D) 56th District
Hanover, Caroline, Spotsylvania Counties

David Toscano (D) 56th District
Charlottesville City, Albemarle County

Lashrecse Aird (D) 63rd District
Petersburg and Hopewell Cities; Dinwiddie,
Chesterfield, Prince George Counties

Betsy Carr (D) 69th District
Richmond City, Chesterfield County

Delores McQuinn (D) 70th District
Henrico and Chesterfield Cities, Richmond City

Jennifer McClellan (D) 71st District
Richmond City, Henrico County

Roslyn Tyler (D) 75th District
Brunswick, Southampton, Greensville, Dinwiddie, Sussex, Lunenberg,
Isle of Wight, Surry counties; Emporia and Franklin Cities –

Lionel Spruill (D) 77th District
Chesapeake and Suffolk Cities

Jennifer Boysko (D) 86th Delegate District
Fairfax and Loudoun Counties

Daun Hester (D) 89th District
Norfolk City

Jeion Ward (D) 92nd District
Hampton City

Shelly Simonds (D) 94th District
Newport News City

Fall NOW Board Meeting!


Fall 2015 NOW Board Meeting

Join us by webinar on Nov 7 & 8

This is a reminder that the Fall 2015 NOW Board Meeting will be held on Nov. 7 & 8, 2015. The meeting will be held via webinar, starting each day at 12:00PM ET, with an hour break each two hours, until 8:00PM ET    

As with all other Board Meetings, NOW leaders and members are encouraged to attend. Please disseminate this notice widely to your state organizations and local chapters.

To register for the meeting, click the button above, or visit:


Our Endorsements, 2015


Once every four years, the entire General Assembly is elected. This is the year and the election is Tuesday, November 3.  All 100 delegates and all 40 state senators will be elected.  While many current delegates and senators are unopposed because of our gerrymandered districts, we still have opportunities to elect excellent newcomers and retain outstanding incumbents.

 We know we can count on the following candidates to stand up for women and the many attacks against her civil liberties during legislative sessions.

What can you do to get them elected?  Pick a candidate – from your district (click here to find your district and current legislators) or another district – and get involved.  Go to the candidate’s office and meet him/her, speak to voters on behalf of the candidate, make phone calls, work in the candidate’s office, contribute whatever you can (directly to candidates or to the VA NOW Political Action Committee), talk to your friends and neighbors.  That’s how we win.


Some races will be decided by a few votes.  You must be registered to vote (and if you’ve moved since the last election, you have to renew your registration). The last day to register for this election is October 13. Learn more at: elections.virginia.gov/registration/how-to-register


Note:  Virginia NOW endorses incumbents with whom we have worked; we base endorsements on their legislative record on Virginia NOW’s issues.  We endorse candidates who are not incumbents based on their positions with these issues:

  • Reproductive freedom, choice, and justice
  • Health care, health insurance, & retirement insurance
    •  Protect Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Affordable Healthcare (a.k.a. Obamacare)
    •  The right for equal coverage for the same cost
    •  Protect medical privacy in a digital age
  • The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  • End violence against women – in the home, on the street, on campus, EVERYWHERE!
    •  Enforcement of anti-human trafficking laws
    •  Test ALL rape kits
  • Employee rights and workplace fairness
    •  Paid sick days, family leave, etc.
  • Update and improve the child support system and collection
  • Ensure the continued right of voting be available for all registered citizens on election day
  • Implement non-partisan redistricting
  • A budget supportive of under-served population – women, children, persons with mental illness, lower-income persons and families and others
    •  Increase minimum wage
  • Decriminalize/legalize sex work in Virginia
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Protect the environment
  • End NSA, government, internet, and corporate surveillance!


VA NOW – Endorsed Candidates for House of Delegates
* = incumbent
Joshua King, 2nd District – Prince William and Stafford counties
Sam Rasoul*, 11th District – Roanoke City
Laurie Buchwald, 12th District – Montgomery, Giles, and Pulaski Counties; Radford
Don Shaw, 13th District – Prince William County, Manassas Park City
Susan Hippen, 21st District – Virginia Beach City, Chesapeake City
Ellen Arthur, 24th District – Rockbridge, Amherst, August, Bath counties; Lexington City
Angela Lynn, 25th District – Augusta, Albemarle, Rockingham counties
Kandy Hilliard, 28th District – Stafford County, Fredericksburg City
Sara Townsend, 31st District – Fauquier and Prince William counties
Elizabeth Miller, 32nd District – Loudoun County
Kathleen Murphy*, 34th District – Loudoun and Fairfax counties
Kaye Kory*, 38th District – Fairfax County
Vivian Watts*, 39th District – Fairfax County
Eileen Filler-Corn*, 41st District – Fairfax County
Joana Garcia, 42nd district – Fairfax County
Mark Sickles*, 43rd District – Fairfax County
Charniele Herring*, 46th District – Alexandria City
Patrick Hope*, 47th District – Arlington County
Alfonso Lopez*, 49th District – Arlington and Fairfax counties
Toni Radler, 55th District – Hanover, Caroline, Spotsylvania counties
David Toscano*, 57th District – Charlottesville City, Albemarle County
Lashrecse Aird, 63rd District – Petersburg and Hopewell cities; Dinwiddie, Chesterfield, Prince George counties
Betsy Carr*, 69th District – Richmond City, Chesterfield County
Delores McQuinn*, 70th District – Henrico and Chesterfield cities, Richmond City
Jennifer McClellan*, 71st District – Richmond City, Henrico County
Roslyn Tyler*, 75th District – Brunswick, Southampton, Greensville, Dinwiddie, Sussex, Lunenberg, Isle of Wight, Surry counties; Emporia and Franklin cities
Lionel Spruill*, 77th District – Chesapeake and Suffolk cities
Jennifer Boysko, 86th District – Fairfax and Loudoun counties
John Bell, 87th District – Loudoun and Prince William counties
Daun Hester*, 89th District – Norfolk City
Jeion Ward*, 92nd District – Hampton City
Shelly Simonds, 94th District – Newport News City


VA NOW-Endorsed Candidates for Virginia State Senate

* = incumbent
Mamie Locke*, 2nd District – Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth cities; York County

Donald McEachin*, 9th District – Henrico, Hanover, Charles City counties; Richmond
Deborah Repp, 12th District – Henrico and Hanover counties
Jill McCabe, 13th District – Loudoun and Prince William counties
Rosalyn Dance*, 16th District – Chesterfield, Prince George, Dinwiddie counties; Richmond, Petersburg, Hopewell cities
Louise Lucas*, 18th District – Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Emporia, Franklin cities; Southampton, Sussex, Isle of Wight, Greensville, Surry, Brunswick counties
Kim Adkins, 20th District – Henry, Halifax, Patrick, Pittsylvania, Carroll, Franklin counties; Danville, Martinsville, Galax cities
April Moore, 26th District – Shenandoah, Rockingham, Warren, Page, Rappahannock counties; Harrisonburg City
Jeremy McPike, 29th District – Prince William County, Manassas City, Manassas Park City
Adam Ebbin*, 30th District – Alexandria City, Fairfax and Arlington counties
Barbara Favola*, 31st District – Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun counties
Janet Howell*, 32nd District – Fairfax and Arlington counties
Jennifer Wexton*, 33rd District – Loudoun and Fairfax counties
Scott Surovell, 36th District – Prince William, Fairfax, Stafford counties
George Barker*, 39th District – Fairfax and Prince William counties; Alexandria city

For equality,

Marj Signer

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