Pro-Choice Signature Ad to Run March 2 in Richmond Times-Dispatch

How do you get Virginia legislators to understand that women don’t want any more restrictions on their personal choices? You tell them in a big, splashy signature ad in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. And then you deliver the ad to them personally!

To make it succeed, we need hundreds of signatures on the ad. To add your name to the ad, just  click here . We’re asking for a minimum of $35 per person for the ad – but more is welcome (so the ad can be larger and have more impact) and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

If you’d rather contribute by check, send your check to Virginia NOW, PO Box 7621, Arlington, VA 22207.

This is what the declaration in the ad will say:

“We, the undersigned, support a woman’s right to safe, legal and accessible birth control and abortion. We oppose any and all attempts to weaken further the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Most Virginians do not want any more government interference in these private matters than we already have. We trust women to make personal decisions about their family and their health, based on their own beliefs, conscience, and circumstances,  and we urge our elected officials to respect these decisions.”

Your Responses to Our Survey

Many thanks to the 100+ NOW members and supporters who responded to our December survey. We asked what feminist issues you cared most about at the state level.

These were your top issues:  safeguarding reproductive rights, improving women’s health care, supporting programs to reduce violence against women, and ending human trafficking.

There was also strong support for working for LGBT equality and the Equal Rights Amendment, adequately funding human needs services, supporting pre-K and kindergarten programs, and enforcing child support payments.

These are among the issues we’ll pursue when the General Assembly convenes. Stay tuned for more about the upcoming legislative session and our new governor, Bob McDonnell.

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