A Big Stride for Plan B

Plan B One-Step Now On Store Shelves!

Until recently, the Plan B One-Step pill was only available without a prescription to women 17 and older who presented proof of age at a pharmacist’s counter. Following a drawn-out legal battle, Plan B One-Step (levonorgestrel) is now available in pharmacies with no age or sale restrictions.
According to the Plan B One-Step wesbite,
“You can start by looking for Plan B One-Step in the aisle. Otherwise ask anyone in the store where it’s located. Then just take it off the shelf, and pay for it at the cashier. No prescription or ID required.” 
The website’s Store Locator lists pharmacies and stores that have pharmacies.
The government’s decision means that any woman or girl will soon be able to walk into a drugstore and buy Plan B One-Step without a prescription, the same way that men may purchase condoms displayed shame-free on the shelves, with no ID required for purchase.
Plan B One-Step costs about $50 without any coupons or discounts.
“This decision by the administration affirms what feminists have been fighting for all along – the morning-after pill should be available to females of all ages, on the shelf at any convenience store,” 
-Annie Tummino, Lead Plaintiff and Coordinator of the National Women’s Liberation.

This is a great victory for women’s sexual and reproductive freedom! 

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