Hey-Hey, HO-HO, Pay-to-Play Has Got to Go!

Net Neutrality for everyone!

Small businesses, indy news and opinion sites, grassroots organizations — just you there, your own netivity — all these are under threat of slowdown, second class netizenship, or complete oblivion if we don’t preserve Net Neutrality. 

Please take a moment to sign Daily Kos’s net neutrality petition.

And, we would be extra grateful to those who take a few more moments to write directly to The Federal Communications Commission. They’re all about communication, so we’re sure they’d love to hear from you!!

Hey-hey, ho-ho, *clap-clap*, Pay-to-Play has got to go! Hey-hey, ho-ho…

Pass it on,
Simone Roberts
Web Editor VA NOW

Follow Helene’s ERA Pilgrimage

In the deep meaning of the word “pilgrimage,” Helene de Boissiere-Swanson is trekking across the United States from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. She does this in the name of her mother, of her husband, her family and all of us. She will arrive in the District next spring. On her way, she is attending to business spiritual and political, as feminsts have long done. Ours is not merely a cause for legal equality, for a wider and deeper social justice, for a more inclusive and welcoming and robust social order. Our cause is for that, certainly, but that is only a basis, a legal ground, from which we imagine a world of humans of all kinds standing at ease in their own physical and emotional grace, social and economic dignity, and intellectual and spiritual radiance. THAT, is our goal. For ev-er-y-one.

The Equal Rights Amendment would be a key stone in the architecture that would create a social and natural environment in which these future humans would flourish. Without it, every “right” women currently enjoy is politically insecure.

You can follow Helene’s progress in her sojourn on the page for Katrina’s Dream — the name of the organization she created to tend this project — and on the web at WWW.KATRINASDREAM.ORG.

I have been for a few weeks now inspired and reinvigorated by my acquaintance with Helene. She’ll be happy to share that with you, too.

In justice,
Simone Roberts
Web Editor

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