Push START on ERA in the Commonwealth

Push START on ERA in the Commonwealth.

Yes, I’m going to ask you for more during this holiday season. Your time, not your money.

Our legislative session is very short in 2015, and its coming soon. We must try to move the ERA to floor of the House of Delegates for a public vote.

The bill to ratify the ERA is buried in the Governance Committee where Delegates can vote not to bring it to the floor, but not suffer the consequences of that vote. Committee votes don’t get recorded

Through December and the session in Jan-Feb, I will send CC emails giving you the following:

  • Names, emails, Facebook pages, Twitters, and phone numbers for relevant federal and state representatives;
  • Suggested talking points/messages/tweets for your interactions;
  • Links and hashtags and all that jazz to help you get yourself and others connected to these efforts.
Our goal is to contact EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the recalcitrant House of Delegates and US House of Representatives to demand ratification. In VA, to being the bill to the floor and vote in public. In Congress, to lift the arbitrary ratification deadline.

You’ll get a handful of names every week. Contact as many as you have time for — ideally 5 or 6. They will be from all districts. Members must hear from all Virginians — not just from their carefully drawn districts of like-minded voters — because this is a national issue. Members of our coalition partners will making contact as well — it will not be just us out there.

This “hear from all” approach is not conventional, I know.
But convention is obviously not working for us.

We need their attention and action. Business as usual simply has not and will get women into the Constitution. We’re feminists. We go way beyond convention, and we will do so now.

To join this action in VA, and get updates about work in other states too,please choose one of the sign-up options at the left. Both of those will get you the same updates, so just choose one. Emails/updates will come regularly.

I don’t want to bother all our contacts, every week, for the next few months. I know not all of you are interested in ratifying the ERA.

Lots of other issues also need work, and VA NOW wants to respect your interests and your time.

Just note that for the next few weeks, I will send these emails to most of our lists. They will all have the subject line “ERA Campaign.” I’m only doing that to give as many as possible the chance to catch one of these emails and sign-up for the dedicated list or blog updates.

I wish you and yours health, happiness, and equality in the new year!

Constant Contact
Sign-up Here
Click the ERA Only button to join the list dedicated
to ratification.
(You know, if you want more CC emails.)

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(Because, you get enough CC emails.)
For Women!
Simone Roberts, Historian/ERA Coordinator

IL to Vote on Dec 2, now, Info and Update

If you are free on Monday for some last-minute lobbying in Illinois for a real chance at ratification of the ERA in that state, please call in on this conference call tonight!!! I

FROM PASS ERA in Florida

We will also have a call on Sunday evening to discuss where we are and what we can do on Monday to get us to a vote on Tuesday. Lots of important updates will happen on this call.

Conference Call and Update

Sunday, 5:00 pm Central Time, 6:00 pm Eastern Time

Conference Dial-In Number: (559) 726-1300

Participant Access Code: 787085#

This call will be led by Jeanne Dauray of PDA-ERA Action.  Just dial at 6, enter code and announce yourselves as from VA Now.

Thanks for helping push the first state to ratify in 40 yrs, Illinois!

IL to VOTE on ERA Thursday, ACT NOW!

From the Coalition on the ground in IL today, see below. Easy things to do to support their lobbying. They will meet with legislators today. A vote on the ERA is scheduled for tomorrow, but the speaker of the IL House (and the most powerful politician in IL) isn’t coming to work to convene the House for business. His name is Michael Madigan, he’s chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois, and you (or the press) can contact his office here: (773) 581-8000. He’s not on social media, but this satirical Twitter account is:  @KingofIL.

Newspapers to contact: Chicago Tribune (http://www.chicagotribune.com/) ,  St. Louis Post Dispatch (http://www.stltoday.com) , and the Belleville  News Democrat (http://www.bnd.com), St. Louis Beacon (from public radio station: http://www.stlpublicradio.org/info/onair.php)

(*) (*) (*) (*) (*)

ERA Action in collaboration with other activist groups including PDA ERA 3 State Strategy Team, Illinois NOW, AAUW, Katrina’s Dream will be on the ground in Springfield, IL, Wednesday, November 19 to ensure the “Land of Lincoln” becomes the first state to #RatifyERA in the 21st Century.

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) will be moved to a final vote in the Illinois House of Representatives in the first few days of the Veto Session. Likely dates for the vote are Thursday, November 20th or Tuesday, December 2nd. However, the vote depends on two things: 1) Having the last handful of YES commitments for votes from Illinois State Representatives and 2) Those Representatives showing up for the vote.

What can you do? A lot actually.

FIRST CALL – You can use this link http://bit.ly/1r6LqXr for a target list of Illinois State Representatives to call, along with a call script that will work whether you live in district, in Illinois, or anywhere in the US.

SECOND SIGN PETITION – You can sign the following petition by clicking this link http://bit.ly/1HgmMt8 urging House members to vote YES for ratification of the ERA in Illinois. The petition will be presented to Representative Lou Lang to show the solidarity we have with him, the women of Illinois, and all supporters of the ERA in this fight. And please share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

THIRD – Use this link http://bit.ly/1vmFwTZ to get access to additional information and talking points on the ERA, Twitter hashtags, Twitter address for legislators in Illinois, and other resources. SPECIAL THANKS to Simone Roberts of Virginia NOW who created this list and graciously made it available for sharing.

# # #
Simone Roberts
Historian and ERA Coordinator
Virginia NOW   
VirginiaERANetwork (blog for ERA project)

Your Story Can Keep VA’s Health Centers Open


In an effort to highlight the potential impact of health center closures due to TRAP, we are actively recruiting patients and impacted women to share their stories with us. Thus far, we have collected stories around a first visit to get birth control, cancer screenings that led to early diagnosis, and choosing a women’s health provider because it was a trusted place to go.

Ultimately, we want to make sure our stories are representative of the women across the Commonwealth and that Planned Parenthood/Abortion Rights Coalition have enough stories to pull from for Board of Health meetings, reporters, and the General Assembly.

To do that, we ask you to contribute your story. Or, ask a friend to contribute hers. There are many reasons women and families access these health centers. The Board of Health, the media, and our representatives need to be made unable to deny the quality and trusted care that women in Virginia will be denied if the Targeted Restrictions on Abortion Providers are allowed to take their full effect.

At this link you may write your story, state your levels of comfort concerning privacy and publication, and/or share a video of you telling your story.

We encourage you to share this post/email with your friends and colleagues who support choice, responsible family planning, healthy families and children, and access to reasonably priced health care. The Coalition is particularly interested in stories about sexual and reproductive health care.

Please, contribute and share.

For women,
Simone Roberts, Historian / ERA Coordinator
Virginia NOW

Nov. 15 VA NOW State Council Meeting

Members of the several chapters of Virginia NOW are cordially invited to join VA NOW for elections, by-laws approval, updates on state and chapter activities, and general good cheer!

Meeting Agenda:


10:15 am Welcome and introductions of Officers and Chapter Leaders
10:30am President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report (5 min)
Legislative Report (5 min)
Communications Report (5 min)
VA NOW PAC Report (5 min)
Chapter Reports (5 min each)
Report on Foremothers Project (5 min)

11:15am Program Priorities & Plans for 2015
11:45am Bylaws – Proposed Changes & Vote

12:30pm Lunch on campus

1:45pm Report on Young Feminist Conference
2:30pm New Business
BRAAF (Blue Ridge Abortion Fund)
3:00pm Officer Elections -Nominations & Candidate Remarks
3:30PM Officer Elections – Voting

The agenda may be updated. We will post updates in the comments to this post. See below for the when and where. We look forward to seeing you!

Saturday November 15, 2014

10 am — 4 pm

      Ern Commons
567 McCormick Rd
      between Balz-Dobie and Watson-Webb houses
      University of Virginia
      Charlottesville, VA 22903
To RSVP, please email Diana Egozcue at
Lunch available by 3 minute walk to O’Hill Dining Hall
Parking and Accessibility
Parking is available on the street (right side) on McCormick Rd
Parking is also available in lot W6, across the street from venue
Handicapped spaces next to venue, first come first served

Friday Nov. 7: Meetings, Media Contacts, Twitter and Facebook Blow-ups

Friday Nov. 7: Meetings, Media Contacts, Twitter and Facebook Blow-ups.

Teleconferences, media storms, phone calls to the Capitol. Friday is Missouri’s day to feel the energy and dedication we have for the Equal Rights Amendment.

JOIN IN!! Everything you need is at that link.

Thank you!! We love you for everything you do for equality for all!

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