Interested in Running for the NOW Board?

NOW Members,

If you are interested in running for the National NOW Board this summer at the National Conference in Washington, D.C., please read the following requirements and important dates:

The election rules require you to send your name to the National Action Center and the state presidents/coordinators in your district. However, the districts are new and many people may not have the email addresses of the state leaders in their districts.
Therefore, to make is as simple as possible for people to run for the Board, the National Action Center will ensure that the state presidents/coordinators are notified of all nominees in their districts.

So, if you want to run for the Board, all you need to do is send an email to notifying me that you intend to run. Terry O’Neill will see to it that your email is forwarded to the state presidents/coordinators in your district.

The deadline to notify Terry is APRIL 7, 2016

Please forward this information throughout your NOW networks to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

Thank you all for your work for women’s equality!


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