Meet Me in St. Louis – A Prayer Vigil & Rally for the Equal Rights Amendment

Dr. Simone Roberts:

Virginia, you can support this effort for the ERA!!! We’ll be explaining how very soon! This woman is personally lobbying federal and state office holders to get the ERA ratification deadline lifted and the amendment ratified. A big, but loose coalition of groups is working on it. Get connected, and make noise, and get your walking shoes ready for International Women’s Day 2015.

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St Louis Mosiac       Graphic Design by Helene Swanson

As I leave the Kansas City area heading towards Jefferson City and then on to St. Louis, where I will be meeting with Senators Roy Blunt and Clair McCaskill to urge them to co-sponsor S.J. Res. 15,  l give serious consideration to this past week. But before I get ahead of myself I want to make sure that I get the word out that we are holding a Prayer Vigil & Rallyat the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis, MO on November 8, 2014 at noon to 2pm.  The Old Courthouse is where the Dred Scott Decision was issued March 6, 1857.

Please be sure to JOIN, INVITE, SHARE and POST this Facebook Event Page everywhere

After the St. Louis vigil my grassroots organizer Portia and I will head out with a small group of women as we walk into…

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For information on VA NOW PAC priorities, click here.
For consideration by the PAC, candidates must request endorsement.

The National Organization for Women and Virginia NOW endorse the following the candidates for the US House of Representatives:

Suzanne Patrick,  for Virginia’s Second District:

Number 1 on her priorities list, Jobs and the Economy: To me, standing up for the middle class means fighting to create and protect high paying jobs here in Virginia. I’ll do that by fighting for our port, military facilities, and the small businesses that keep our local economy thriving. My business and military background fuel my commitment to growing our local economy to strengthen opportunities for middle class families.”

One violence against women: “I agree with Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth’s approach of giving victims two options: (1) stay within the chain of command, or (2) give victims and alternative option outside the chain of command but still within the military to bring perpetrators to justice.”

Lawrence Gaughan, for Virginia’s Fifth District:

Gaughan hopes to represent a large and diverse district, and one of Virginia’s most conservative. Jobs and education are his top two issues, but he clearly states his support for women’s and LBGTQ equality, for reproductive justice, for protecting voting rights, and for background checks for weapon purchases.

John Foust, for Virginia’s Tenth District: 

Foust is challenging Rep. Barbara Comstock, one of our more notable anti-feminist female politicians. Vienna Area NOW is running phone banks supporting Foust. Of the effort, Val Dutton, president of the chapter writes:

“Dial it up for a Woman-to-Woman phone bank for John Foust, candidate for the 10th District, from 3 to 5 pm on Oct. 12th at the Foust McLean headquarters, 6888 Elm St. Even if you’re not in the 10th District, we need your help in this race against the formidable and well-funded extremist Barbara Comstock. I’ll provide snacks and beverages. Phone banking can seem intimidating, but this is a process that really works and is fun once you get your groove! Additionally, we’ll speak only to the women of the household, telling them why we think John is a pro-woman kind of guy!”

Also, he’s got a sharp sense of humor (click here).

 Elliot Fausz, Virginia’s Fourth District, for the US Congress:

Fousz is particularly keen to bring better infrastructure, student loan debt relief, and economic stimulus to Virginia’s 4th. We can’t tell you what candidates say on our questionaires, but we can tell you this: Fousz was detailed, original, and energetic in describing his positions on our issues. He has a dedicated Twitter hashtag: #FouszintheHouse.

In the election for Manassas City Council, Virginia NOW has endorsed:

Patricia Richie-Folks, for City Council:

Richie-Folks is deeply interested in economic development in Manassas such as developing heavier use of the local airport, promoting the area to the technology industry, and working to improve commuter infrastructure — especially the Route 28 corridor. She will look to protect and enhance Manassas public school system, and deepen the city’s support of its police department by bringing the number of officers more fully inline with the city’s population.

The council is, at present, well populated with male representatives of the city. A woman with good ideas is running, Manassas, we do hope you will welcome and vote for her energy and forward thinking agenda!






Voter ID laws have changed. If you need help getting a proper ID and registering to vote,  ID Ready-Set-Vote will help you get a Virginia Voter Photo ID Card through your local general registrar’s office. People needing a ride to their registrar’s office to obtain an ID or needing to register to vote can call 641.715.3900 ext. 437084# and they will give you a FREE RIDE.

Forms of ID valid for the 2014 elections are:

- Valid Virginia Driver’s License or Identification Card.
– Valid Virginia DMV issued Veteran’s ID card.
– Valid United States Passport.
– Valid Employee photo identification card issued by an employer of the voter in the ordinary course of the employer’s business.
– Valid college or university student photo identification card from an institution of higher education located in Virginia.
– Other government-issued photo identification cards issued by the U.S. Government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, or a political subdivision of the Commonwealth.

Virginia NOW would like to thank the following coalition of organizations that pulled together to create ID Ready-Set-Vote. Thank you About PHACE, First AME Church, League of Women Voters VA, NARAL VA, Primary Matters, Progress VA, PW NAACP, PWC NOW, VA New Majority, thank you for your dedication to voter access and to the civil rights of all Virginians! 

Medical Privacy: Not So Private

Many patients don’t realize that a physician’s ability to service the community can be suspended or retracted entirely by the DEA for their patient’s misuse or diversion of drugs.

(*)  ###  (*)

Why is this an issue for the everyday American who never intends to overdose or abuse their prescription dosage?


The DEA is implementing stricter and stricter regulations on physicians and their ability to provide prescriptions. They are also enforcing legal penalties for abuse of prescription drugs on the doctor who prescribed them as well as the patient who actually broke “regulation”.

For example, if a patient went to a second doctor in addition to their primary one to gain a second prescription, the DEA now uses the Prescription Monitoring Program to enforce the legal repercussions against the doctors who prescribed a medication for their patient in addition to the person who committed the crime.

(*)    The DEA’s agenda is not medical. It is political.   (*)


They are expecting doctors to be responsible for their patient’s actions outside of the office.

  • Why is it the doctor’s fault if a patient were to overdose on a medication?
  • Why should the doctor to go prison or lose their medical license if their patient obtained duplicate medications from another physician?


They shouldn’t be. They’re not cops. They’re there to provide the best health care possible. They can’t do this if the DEA puts so many barriers in their way that they’re afraid to write up a legitimate prescription that could save a life, prolong a life, or enrich one.

The DEA is the enforcing arm of this agenda, the “messenger”.


The Department of Health and Human Services (through the Food and Drug Administration) has the responsibility of making medical recommendations on drug related issues to the Secretary of Health based on scientific evaluations.

Beyond the medical spectrum, the Office of Diversion Control (DEA Headquarters) has expanded its department making it a primary goal to “regulate” controlled substances in hopes of decreasing drug abuse.

Under federal law, all businesses which manufacture or distribute controlled drugs, all health professionals entitled to dispense, administer or prescribe them, and all pharmacies entitled to fill prescriptions must register with the DEA. Registrants must comply with a series of regulatory requirements relating to drug security, records accountability, and adherence to standards.

All of these investigations are conducted by Diversion Investigators (DIs), a specialist position within the DEA assigned to investigate suspected sources of diversion and take appropriate criminal and/or administrative actions. Prescription Database Management Programs (PDMP) aid and facilitate investigation and surveillance.

Sometimes in an effort to solve a problem, we end up creating a new one. Sometimes with the most sincere motivations, laws do more to restrict our freedom than to protect the innocent.


Our privacy, protection, and freedom rely on the level of medical expertise and the direct relationship between doctor and patient access permitted within our healthcare system.


Fight for the future.


(*)  ###  (*)

Empowerment from




How to gain authorization for controlled substances

  •  Time is still money (and more importantly, energy) in this country and if you have a prescription from your doctor for a controlled substance, there’s a chance you may be required to pick up a physical prescription from your doctor’s office (phoned-in refills are not accepted), and then be asked to show your ID at the pharmacy every time you pick up that particular refill.

Extra Note: It appears that it is the Prescription Monitoring Program who is implementing these regulations, not your insurance company and not the FDA.  In other words, there is an entirely new “faceless corporation” involved in the process of your medical healthcare.  So here’s what you can do!

  • Alternative Option: Have your doctor give you the green light for your insurance company to provide the forms that authorize your controlled substance to be mailed directly to your house – bypassing the entire pharmacy pickup process all together.
  • The pharmacies and insurance companies may use fibs and scare tactics such as “You have no prior authorization from your doctor to do this” in attempts to keep you ordering through the pharmacy.  Simply respond with, “The prior authorization is that I’ve been taking the prescription for years.”
  • In the case of a new prescription, if you get any resistance about filling the prescription as it is, simply tell them, “Fill the prescription as it is written or I will take my business to another pharmacy.  I can also always receive meds-by-mail.

Resist being upsold

    • Pharmacists may try to sell you the more expensive brand name instead of the affordable, generic form.  Don’t let them.  Have the prescription be filled as written.
    • Think carefully before providing pharmacists your business who practice the conscience-clause — for they’ve obviously chosen the wrong line of work if they cannot fill out medical prescriptions due to religious beliefs getting in the way of their job requirements.




“Medical information is arguably the most personal and private sources of data about us. Yet privacy protections in this area are far from adequate.”  – ACLU | Medical Privacy

is your medical privacy in question?

  1. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
    (The act of all medical health information going electronic via iCloud—even if your doctor feels it’s more secure to have their own copies and backups.)On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (hereafter ARRA). One of the many goals of the ARRA is to encourage the adoption of electronic medical records by doctors and hospitals. One of the most significant barriers to this process is the lack of powerful existing safeguards for patient information.
  2. The Prescription Monitoring Program is an electronic database that collects information regarding controlled substances dispensed within many states, including Virginia.  It appears that Alliance of States with Prescription Monitoring Programs, ( and National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws ( are statewide, housed agencies that gather information about the controlled substances that your doctors prescribe for you and other medications that you may be taking.
  • The housing agency distributes data to individuals who are authorized under state law to receive the information for purposes of their profession.  For more FAQ, click here.
  • Oregon is one of the few states that has fought back successfully against the Prescription Monitoring Program.   For the first time, a federal judge has ruled that patients have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their drug prescription records, and that law enforcement must obtain a warrant in order to search such information.  Click (here) for their press release and see how they did it!  GO Oregon!!!




In Revolution,

Paradise Kendra
Communications VP/Webmistress
Virginia NOW


Congressman Moran’s Final Women’s Issues Conference

Keynote Speaker:  Neera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress! 

Plus 6 interactive workshops on topics including economic equality for women, car care, international women’s issues, health care reform, interviewing skills and professional branding. This free conference will also feature health screenings and a free digital professional photo, so come dressed for success if you want a photo!

Saturday, September 13
Washington-Lee High School
1301 N Stafford St, Arlington, VA 22201

This is a free event, and a light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Register here:

For more information contact Krysta Jones, Outreach Director, at or 703-971-4700.


Building Your Network and Your Professional Brand
· Dana Taylor-Intelligent Ethos, CEO
· Amanda Miller Littlejohn-Mopwater Social PR, Founder

Getting to Equality in the Workplace
· Stacye Montez-Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Executive Director
· Amanda Andere-Wider Opportunities for Women, CEO

Perfect Your Interviewing Skills in 50 minutes
· Sandy Smith- Arlington Employment Center, Transition Services Manager
· Liane H. Gould-Arlington County, Adult Services Division

Do You Understand the Affordable Care Act?
· Carlon Ocel- ENROLL Virginia, Health Care Navigator
· Jessica Killeen- ENROLL Virginia, Health Care Navigator
· Taylor Burke, JD-George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, Assistant Professor of Health Law and Policy

Car Care
· Roy Krebs-Jack Taylor’s Alexandria Toyota, Shop Foreman

International Women’s Issues
· Laurna Strikwerda-Freedom House, Program Officer

Happy GoTopless Day!

   What is

A U.S.-based organization who claim that women have the same constitutional right that men have to go bare-chested in public.   “As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests.”


There is an annual National Go-Topless Day held intentionally on August 26th, or on the Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day.   In our society, men and women are supposed to have equal rights.  But women are commonly arrested, fined and humiliated for daring to go topless in public, a freedom men have had for decades.  It is patriarchy that makes women’s bodies taboo and makes women’s bodies need to be covered and controlled.  In the US, if we want to be in a culture that is better for women, we need to get over the exposure of women’s body being only sexual instead of allowing her to exist freely.  You cannot counter the “sexualized woman” by simply covering her up.


Women are taught from an early age that our bodies and our breasts are more taboo than a man’s – that a man mowing the lawn bare-chested in the extreme summer heat is acceptable.  A woman performing the same action would be borderline scandalous.


To protest this unconstitutional discrimination, holds National Go-Topless Day events in cities nationwide. Thousands of women will be baring their chests that day in the name of equal rights, and we hope you’ll be there too!


On August 26, 1920, following a 72-year struggle, the U.S. Constitution was amended to grant women the right to vote. And in 1970, as an ongoing reminder of women’s equality, Congress declared August 26 Women’s Equality Day. But even in the 21st century, women need to stand up and demand that equality in fact – not just in words.


This Women’s Equality Day, celebrate and love your body!








Love & Revolution!

Paradise Kendra
Communications VP
Virginia NOW
(*) (*) (*) (*) (*)



TRAP Public Comment Period – Closes Thursday

We have just two days left to push back against the highly politicized targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP). The public comment period ends at midnight Thursday, July 31. Please take a few minutes to make your views known about these medically unnecessary regulations that have already resulted in two clinics closing and threaten the health and safety of Virginia women.
Click here to submit your comment.
Here are some talking points to use when writing your comment:
  • The Board of Health must completely repeal and rewrite the current regulations of women’s health centers to protect women’s health and preserve access to comprehensive reproductive care.
  • All health professions should be regulated, but these politically motivated restrictions aren’t necessary for patients’ safety. Instead, these restrictions endanger women’s health.
  • Current regulations of Virginia women’s health centers are about politics, not medicine.
  • Doctors, health care professionals, and a majority of Virginians oppose these regulations.
  • If the regulations are not repealed and rewritten, tens of thousands of Virginia women and families will lose access to critical medical care.

Thank you for taking action for the health and safety of Virginia women.

Marj Signer
Virginia NOW
Legislative VP

To comment, go to the Virginia Regulatory Town hall site: 

Learn more:

In May, Gov. McAuliffe directed the Virginia Board of Health to conduct a review of the abortion clinic regulations designed by former Atty General Ken Cuccinelli and enforced by former Gov. McDonnell. Currently, the Virginia Dept. of Health is accepting public comments on whether to amend, repeal and rewrite, or uphold the regulations in their current form.


Click here to see available current reproductive, choice, and abortion services within Virginia.

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