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Contribute to Virginia NOW’s PAC!

If you prefer to mail in donations, please use the address below.

Virginia NOW PAC
P.O. Box 3662
Fredericksburg VA 22402-3662

The State Board of Elections presently requires that the donor must provide name, address, phone number, it plus employment information (job title) and employer name and location as well on any endorsements to PACs.

The Virginia NOW Political Action Committee (PAC) serves as the political action branch of the Virginia National Organization for Women. It involves itself in a bi-partisan manner in election races at the state level that affect issues of concern to the Virginia National Organization for Women. The Virginia NOW PAC was  established in 1978.

The PAC is subordinate to Virginia NOW and is made up of three Virginia NOW officers: the State President  (or designee) the Legislative Coordinator and the Financial Coordinator (or designee), as well as four Regional Representatives nominated by regional caucuses at the annual NOW State Conference and elected by the State Council.

In addition to raising and dispensing funds in elections for candidates and for election projects, the Virginia NOW PAC also analyzes election prospects and outcomes for National NOW and the State Council of NOW. The PAC also coordinates “in-kind” contributions, e.g., contributions of work, mailings, use of NOW membership lists for fund raising and recruiting NOW volunteers for campaigns.

  • Any activity done in Virginia in the name of NOW or Virginia NOW by a chapter or the state organization that is intended to or does influence the outcome of a state or local election is coordinated through the Virginia NOW PAC and reported to the State Board of Elections.
  • What individual NOW members do in elections with their own money and time, and not in the name of NOW, is outside the province of the Virginia NOW PAC.

The Virginia NOW PAC does not and cannot legally participate in any federal elections, i.e., Presidential or Congressional races, but coordinates these activities through the National NOW PAC.

The Virginia NOW PAC may plan and implement its own election projects and other election activities. Election projects are defined as election activities involving action independent of candidates’ campaigns, usually aimed at activating voters around a particular issue or issues. This does not preclude activities of the candidates’ campaigns.

The Virginia NOW PAC solicits information from Virginia NOW chapters regarding election activities, assessments of races and particular candidates. The Virginia NOW PAC keeps chapters informed of planned election activities and projects and solicits their cooperation and involvement.

For more information, contact our incredible treasurer, Lee Perkins!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lee Perkins
    Sep 28, 2013 @ 10:55:14

    Checks must be made to VANOWPAC, not VANOW. If made to VANOW, it must be deposited to VANOW.

    Also, if contact information (full address and phone number) is not on the check, the donor must provide it plus employment information (job title) and employer name and location as well. The State board of elections requires these in the report that VANOWPAC files.



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