Keep the pressure on Illinois legislators, it’s working! #RatifyERA

If you are calling Illinois about the #ERA today, please call ONLY the legislators on the list attached. UPDATED call list to #RatifyERA in Illinois, plus scripts and talking points at the link!

Calls are flooding in, on both sides, to all offices, and staffers are unable to do anything else. Hurray!  But let’s focus just these 10 or so.

Pro-Life and Schalfley lobbyists are also in the house. This is not over and we’re not finished!

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Would you like to make a few calls for the ERA?

All legislators on this list are considering voting YES on the ERA in Illinois!

Call numbers, email addresses, a script, and talking points below…

Once a legislator is moved to YES, please confirm carefully.
Then ask that legislator to contact Rep. Lou Lang in order to confirm their support for the bill SJRCA0075
Please also contact Jeanne Dauray either via mobile phone at (814) 598-8532 or via email at to report the change.

State Rep’s First Name State Rep’s Last Name Party District Springfield Office # District Office # Email
Daniel Beiser D 111 (217) 782-5996 (618) 465-5900
Brandon Phelps D 118 (217) 782-5131 (618) 253-4189
Jerry Costello D 116 (217) 782-1018 (618) 282-7284
Sue Scherer D 96 (217) 524-0353 (217) 877-9636
Dennis Reboletti R 45 (217) 782-4014 (630) 628-0045
Ed Sullivan, Jr. R 51 (217) 782-3696 (847) 566-5115
Sandra M. Pihos R 48 (217) 782-8037 (630) 858-8855
Katherine Cloonen D 79 (217) 782-5981 (815) 939-1983
John Cabello R 68 (217) 782-0455 (815) 282-0083
John E. Bradley D 117 (217) 782-1051 (618) 997-9697
Michael Tryon R 66 (217) 782-0432 (815) 459-6453
Robert Pritchard R 70 (217) 782-0425 (815) 748-3494

Call Script for Tuesday, December 1st

Hi, my name is __________ and I am a voter. I know that the Equal Rights Amendment, bill SJRCA 0075, is coming up for a vote Wednesday and I want Rep. _________ to vote YES on the ERA.

This is an issue for me because my (daughter, grand-daughter, sister, mother, etc.)…
…lives in (insert state here) where there is no equality for women.
…could live or work in a state in the future where there is no equality for women.

Without a United States Constitutional amendment, equality is not guaranteed. For instance, in April of 2013 Wisconsin removed their equal pay clause. Therefore, this vote in Illinois has the potential to extend the rights that women in Illinois enjoy, to all 50 states. Thus, I would expect that Rep. _______ will be voting YES on the ERA during the session.

Additionally, I know that many people are concerned about how pro-life issues will be impacted by this amendment. The truth is, it will actually help reduce abortions. Countries that have passed an ERA have seen documented increases in their GDP. This means that the pay for women increased, and economic security for women and their families increased too. When that happens, we know the number of abortions go down, since women often choose abortion due to poor economic circumstances. The increased economic security that ERA would bring also means that less people would need government assistance programs. Thus, the ERA is a win-win situation for everyone.

Would you please pass this information along to Rep. _________ and confirm their position on this bill? They may also contact Rep. Lou Lang to confirm their support for the ERA.


Important Call Tips and Information…

  • If you live in the legislator’s district, please identify yourself as such. It is VERY important. If you are a resident of Illinois, please also identify yourself as such.
  • No matter who you call on the list, please keep your conversations positive, hopeful, respectful, and filled with expectation that these legislators will do the right thing. All the legislators on this list have expressed support for the ERA at one point or another, and many are actively searching for ways to continue expressing that support. Many live in very conservative districts, rural districts, and pro-life districts which include constituencies that may have difficulty and reservations about supporting the ERA, as well as groups within that are actively opposing the ERA. Illinois is a battleground state when it comes to the ERA and you are calling into the heart of those areas. Be cautious and extraordinarily diplomatic. We are confident you can do this!
  • Pro-Life Districts: If you are calling a pro-life district, please be respectful and supportive of the legislator and sensitive to their position. Also, keep in mind that these legislators were asked by Right to Life, who provided their November election endorsements, to vote against the ERA. That being said, our campaign is currently seeking information from appropriate organizations to demonstrate how they can still be pro-life and pro-ERA based on pro-life principles, beliefs, and concerns. Some information you may want to use (see below) is that the ERA helps lift women out of poverty and thus, reduces the number of abortions.
  • Given that Illinois has an ERA in their state constitution that has existed since 1970, you may want to mention that to these legislators, and state that as a result, nothing will change for their constituents in the state of Illinois, but it could improve the economic situation for women outside of Illinois, which includes a lot of grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, and grand-daughters of Illinois residents.


Answering questions…

Is this necessary?  Yes, because right now women have no constitutional guarantee of equality. Current laws can be changed, amended, and challenged. This is of concern being as US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has already stated he believes women DO NOT have protection from sex discrimination currently.

Are wages really unequal?  Yes, even after all possible impact factors such as education, job performance, time off to care for children, and other items are taken out of the equation, women in the United States still take home less pay. It breaks down like this: For every $1.00 a man makes, an Asian American woman makes .87 cents, a White woman makes .78 cents, an African American woman makes .64 cents, a Native American woman makes .60 cents, and Latinas only get .53 cents for that same dollar. That means Latina women are making about half the pay for the same work!

Couldn’t this serve to actually hurt women?  No. In fact, the ERA is already enshrined in the Illinois State Constitution and has been since 1970. Interestingly enough, none of the horrific consequences have come to pass as predicted by those who oppose the ERA, and the women of Illinois actually enjoy better economic outcomes than many of their counterparts in states that do not have an ERA.

If Illinois already has an ERA, why should I support this?  Because many states do not have an ERA and thus, not all women are protected. Additionally, federal laws and the US Constitution generally override state laws and constitutions in many instances. This creates a situation where equality is not a sure and guaranteed thing for all women in the United States.

Hasn’t the ratification deadline passed?  Yes, it has, however, deadlines can be extended or erased, and there is precedent for resurrecting old amendments, such as the 27th amendment, which was ratified after 203 years. Additionally, there is legislation currently moving through the US House and Senate to remove the deadline for the ERA.

Why are we doing this now?  We have been actually trying to do this for sometime, in fact the Illinois State House passed this back in 2003, but did not get Senate support. Now we have Senate support and do not want to pass up on this opportunity. Also, it is not just happening in Illinois. This legislation is in fact moving through multiple state houses currently, but Illinois is most likely to be the first to pass the amendment.

What does the amendment say exactly?
Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.
Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

But I am Pro-Life?  Pro-life does not mean anti-woman. You can be pro-life and pro-ERA. In fact, a long line of Catholic bishops have signed on in support of the ERA, and we are currently contacting them so that they make their voices heard once again on this important issue. Additionally, the biggest reason women choose abortions in this country is due to poor economic circumstances. Thus, we already know that when women are provided with economic security, abortion rates go down, therefore the ERA can help strengthen the economic circumstances of women nationally and reduce the number of abortions. Not only that, but there is no abortion language in the federal ERA we are supporting. In some states, they have included specific language, which has affected laws in relation to abortion, but the federal ERA has no such language.


Merry Christmas to All and to All Equal Rights!
Paradise Kendra
Virginia NOW

Communications VP, Webmistress

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