Advocacy Teams for Jan 28 to Feb 1, Bills & Committees: Join in, ya’ll!

From our Lobbying Director, Vicki Yeroian:
This is your second weekly update to our VA NOW General Assembly action! Thank you to those who got active last week on gun violence prevention!
Monday morning at 8am, myself and VA NOW VP of Legislative Affairs, Marj Signer, will be attending the Senate Courts of Justice Committee meeting in Senate Room B of the General Assembly Building to testify and monitor the votes on–
  • Support SB 520 Firearm transfers; penalties.
  • Support SB 510 Firearms; possession following conviction of certain crimes (domestic violence, sexual assault, assault and battery)
If you are in Richmond and would like to attend, please join us!! To remind you, we have asked all of our all star GA volunteers  to commit to the following:
  • Writing at least two emails to committees you are interested in following, one in Jan and one in Feb
  • To try to make it out to a committee meeting when legislation is being voted on OR (more realistically) send an email to your selected committees when you are alerted that bills are being voted on. You will be alerted via a weekly email from me!
  • To attend an advocacy day to gain more experience with the legislative process
To become a GA Advocacy Volunteer, please email me at Also, see our complete guide and updates to GA Advocacy with VA NOW at our VA NOW in Action page.
So, what’s up this week??  First, I have attached our VA NOW billsheets for this week. Every week they are updated, as some of the legislation we are monitoring dies or gets passed by indefinitely in committee. Remember, we are tracking bills related to the following topics–
  • Family Health
  • Community Safety
  • Social and Economic Equity
  • Civil and Human Rights
Second, we have linked an updated committee tracking document, which is how you can find out where legislation you are interested in currently is! Since we will only be sending out an email once a week, please be sure you  take a minute, two or three times a week, to check the docket of the committees your bills are in and see if you should send out an email or not. Links to all dockets are in the committee tracking document.
What we recommend taking action on this week:

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