Our Endorsements, 2015


Once every four years, the entire General Assembly is elected. This is the year and the election is Tuesday, November 3.  All 100 delegates and all 40 state senators will be elected.  While many current delegates and senators are unopposed because of our gerrymandered districts, we still have opportunities to elect excellent newcomers and retain outstanding incumbents.

 We know we can count on the following candidates to stand up for women and the many attacks against her civil liberties during legislative sessions.

What can you do to get them elected?  Pick a candidate – from your district (click here to find your district and current legislators) or another district – and get involved.  Go to the candidate’s office and meet him/her, speak to voters on behalf of the candidate, make phone calls, work in the candidate’s office, contribute whatever you can (directly to candidates or to the VA NOW Political Action Committee), talk to your friends and neighbors.  That’s how we win.


Some races will be decided by a few votes.  You must be registered to vote (and if you’ve moved since the last election, you have to renew your registration). The last day to register for this election is October 13. Learn more at: elections.virginia.gov/registration/how-to-register


Note:  Virginia NOW endorses incumbents with whom we have worked; we base endorsements on their legislative record on Virginia NOW’s issues.  We endorse candidates who are not incumbents based on their positions with these issues:

  • Reproductive freedom, choice, and justice
  • Health care, health insurance, & retirement insurance
    •  Protect Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Affordable Healthcare (a.k.a. Obamacare)
    •  The right for equal coverage for the same cost
    •  Protect medical privacy in a digital age
  • The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  • End violence against women – in the home, on the street, on campus, EVERYWHERE!
    •  Enforcement of anti-human trafficking laws
    •  Test ALL rape kits
  • Employee rights and workplace fairness
    •  Paid sick days, family leave, etc.
  • Update and improve the child support system and collection
  • Ensure the continued right of voting be available for all registered citizens on election day
  • Implement non-partisan redistricting
  • A budget supportive of under-served population – women, children, persons with mental illness, lower-income persons and families and others
    •  Increase minimum wage
  • Decriminalize/legalize sex work in Virginia
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Protect the environment
  • End NSA, government, internet, and corporate surveillance!


VA NOW – Endorsed Candidates for House of Delegates
* = incumbent
Joshua King, 2nd District – Prince William and Stafford counties
Sam Rasoul*, 11th District – Roanoke City
Laurie Buchwald, 12th District – Montgomery, Giles, and Pulaski Counties; Radford
Don Shaw, 13th District – Prince William County, Manassas Park City
Susan Hippen, 21st District – Virginia Beach City, Chesapeake City
Ellen Arthur, 24th District – Rockbridge, Amherst, August, Bath counties; Lexington City
Angela Lynn, 25th District – Augusta, Albemarle, Rockingham counties
Kandy Hilliard, 28th District – Stafford County, Fredericksburg City
Sara Townsend, 31st District – Fauquier and Prince William counties
Elizabeth Miller, 32nd District – Loudoun County
Kathleen Murphy*, 34th District – Loudoun and Fairfax counties
Kaye Kory*, 38th District – Fairfax County
Vivian Watts*, 39th District – Fairfax County
Eileen Filler-Corn*, 41st District – Fairfax County
Joana Garcia, 42nd district – Fairfax County
Mark Sickles*, 43rd District – Fairfax County
Charniele Herring*, 46th District – Alexandria City
Patrick Hope*, 47th District – Arlington County
Alfonso Lopez*, 49th District – Arlington and Fairfax counties
Toni Radler, 55th District – Hanover, Caroline, Spotsylvania counties
David Toscano*, 57th District – Charlottesville City, Albemarle County
Lashrecse Aird, 63rd District – Petersburg and Hopewell cities; Dinwiddie, Chesterfield, Prince George counties
Betsy Carr*, 69th District – Richmond City, Chesterfield County
Delores McQuinn*, 70th District – Henrico and Chesterfield cities, Richmond City
Jennifer McClellan*, 71st District – Richmond City, Henrico County
Roslyn Tyler*, 75th District – Brunswick, Southampton, Greensville, Dinwiddie, Sussex, Lunenberg, Isle of Wight, Surry counties; Emporia and Franklin cities
Lionel Spruill*, 77th District – Chesapeake and Suffolk cities
Jennifer Boysko, 86th District – Fairfax and Loudoun counties
John Bell, 87th District – Loudoun and Prince William counties
Daun Hester*, 89th District – Norfolk City
Jeion Ward*, 92nd District – Hampton City
Shelly Simonds, 94th District – Newport News City


VA NOW-Endorsed Candidates for Virginia State Senate

* = incumbent
Mamie Locke*, 2nd District – Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth cities; York County

Donald McEachin*, 9th District – Henrico, Hanover, Charles City counties; Richmond
Deborah Repp, 12th District – Henrico and Hanover counties
Jill McCabe, 13th District – Loudoun and Prince William counties
Rosalyn Dance*, 16th District – Chesterfield, Prince George, Dinwiddie counties; Richmond, Petersburg, Hopewell cities
Louise Lucas*, 18th District – Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Emporia, Franklin cities; Southampton, Sussex, Isle of Wight, Greensville, Surry, Brunswick counties
Kim Adkins, 20th District – Henry, Halifax, Patrick, Pittsylvania, Carroll, Franklin counties; Danville, Martinsville, Galax cities
April Moore, 26th District – Shenandoah, Rockingham, Warren, Page, Rappahannock counties; Harrisonburg City
Jeremy McPike, 29th District – Prince William County, Manassas City, Manassas Park City
Adam Ebbin*, 30th District – Alexandria City, Fairfax and Arlington counties
Barbara Favola*, 31st District – Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun counties
Janet Howell*, 32nd District – Fairfax and Arlington counties
Jennifer Wexton*, 33rd District – Loudoun and Fairfax counties
Scott Surovell, 36th District – Prince William, Fairfax, Stafford counties
George Barker*, 39th District – Fairfax and Prince William counties; Alexandria city

For equality,

Marj Signer


For information on VA NOW PAC priorities, click here.
For consideration by the PAC, candidates must request endorsement.

The National Organization for Women and Virginia NOW endorse the following the candidates for the US House of Representatives:

Suzanne Patrick,  for Virginia’s Second District:  suzannepatrickforcongress.com

Number 1 on her priorities list, Jobs and the Economy: To me, standing up for the middle class means fighting to create and protect high paying jobs here in Virginia. I’ll do that by fighting for our port, military facilities, and the small businesses that keep our local economy thriving. My business and military background fuel my commitment to growing our local economy to strengthen opportunities for middle class families.”

One violence against women: “I agree with Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth’s approach of giving victims two options: (1) stay within the chain of command, or (2) give victims and alternative option outside the chain of command but still within the military to bring perpetrators to justice.”

Lawrence Gaughan, for Virginia’s Fifth District: gaughanforcongress.com

Gaughan hopes to represent a large and diverse district, and one of Virginia’s most conservative. Jobs and education are his top two issues, but he clearly states his support for women’s and LBGTQ equality, for reproductive justice, for protecting voting rights, and for background checks for weapon purchases.

John Foust, for Virginia’s Tenth District: foustforvirginia.com 

Foust is challenging Rep. Barbara Comstock, one of our more notable anti-feminist female politicians. Vienna Area NOW is running phone banks supporting Foust. Of the effort, Val Dutton, president of the chapter writes:

“Dial it up for a Woman-to-Woman phone bank for John Foust, candidate for the 10th District, from 3 to 5 pm on Oct. 12th at the Foust McLean headquarters, 6888 Elm St. Even if you’re not in the 10th District, we need your help in this race against the formidable and well-funded extremist Barbara Comstock. I’ll provide snacks and beverages. Phone banking can seem intimidating, but this is a process that really works and is fun once you get your groove! Additionally, we’ll speak only to the women of the household, telling them why we think John is a pro-woman kind of guy!”

Also, he’s got a sharp sense of humor (click here).

 Elliot Fausz, Virginia’s Fourth District, for the US Congress:  www.fausz4congress.com.

Fousz is particularly keen to bring better infrastructure, student loan debt relief, and economic stimulus to Virginia’s 4th. We can’t tell you what candidates say on our questionaires, but we can tell you this: Fousz was detailed, original, and energetic in describing his positions on our issues. He has a dedicated Twitter hashtag: #FouszintheHouse.

In the election for Manassas City Council, Virginia NOW has endorsed:

Patricia Richie-Folks, for City Council: pat4citycouncil.com.

Richie-Folks is deeply interested in economic development in Manassas such as developing heavier use of the local airport, promoting the area to the technology industry, and working to improve commuter infrastructure — especially the Route 28 corridor. She will look to protect and enhance Manassas public school system, and deepen the city’s support of its police department by bringing the number of officers more fully inline with the city’s population.

The council is, at present, well populated with male representatives of the city. A woman with good ideas is running, Manassas, we do hope you will welcome and vote for her energy and forward thinking agenda!

Charniele Herring for VA’s 8th Congressional District, Fundraiser this Saturday!! (reminder)

With U.S. Representative Jim Moran retiring, there will be a primary election June 10 to nominate the Democratic candidate from the 8th congressional district. If you’re in the 8th CD, you have the opportunity to support and vote for long-time NOW member and feminist activist Charniele Herring. 

The women of NOW – Alexandria, Arlington, Northern Virginia and Vienna Area – invite you to meet Charniele this Saturday, March 8, in Alexandria and find out why we’re so excited about her candidacy. Not only that – national NOW President Terry O’Neill will be with us and this is a great opportunity to talk with her. If you can’t come Saturday,  there are other ways to get involved – join “Women for Charniele” and/or volunteer for her campaign. And for sure, please vote for her June 10. 

Let’s make history together and elect Charniele to Congress! 

Bring a check to the event or donate online!

Saturday, March 8 * 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. 

Home of Jere Gibber
7221 Beechwood Road, Alexandria, VA (Fairfax County) 7221 

RSVP to Jere Gibber: 703.768.6987 * jgibber@aol.com 


Suggested contribution levels:

Ally $1,000  * Benefactor $500  * Patron $250

Friend $150  * Sponsor $100  * Guest $50

RSVP to Jere Gibber: 703.768.6987 * jgibber@aol.com

There is a large field of candidates in this race and many support issues of major concern for Virginia women.  While we salute them, we believe that Charniele Herring is exceptional among them and the best candidate. Charniele will bring her dedication and years of experience to Congress – with women, children and families at the top of her agenda.

Charniele will fill an important void in Virginia. Not a single woman is among Virginia’s 11-member Congressional delegation. Not a single woman is among Virginia’s statewide offices – held by stellar progressive men, in large part due to the votes of young people, unmarried single women and women of color. 


  • is the first woman Democratic Whip
  • chaired the legislative Reproductive Health Caucus during the ugly transvaginal bill debate, fighting valiantly for its defeat
  • was the first African American woman from Northern Virginia in the General Assembly
  • is Chair of the Virginia Democratic Party and shepherded the party’s victory last November
  • exemplifies the values we fight for – equality and justice for all
  • has fought to overcome racism and sexism
  • has worked tirelessly to identify and mentor women and people of color to run for office

Sign up on the website to endorse, volunteer and/or donate and join Women for Charniele:http://www.herringforcongress.com

Contacts: Marj Signer, marj.signer@gmail.com, Pat Reuss, patreuss@verizon.net, Norma Gattsek n.gattsek@verizon.net 

Directions – G.W. Parkway Route: Take the George Washington Parkway past National Airport and then through Old Town Alexandria. Take exit for Belle View Blvd. (second right-hand exit after leaving Old Town). Follow Belle View to first light. Left onto Fort Hunt Road. Follow Fort Hunt for 1 mile. Right onto Paul Spring Road (notice sign for Hollin Hills). Follow Paul Spring until fork at stop sign; take left fork onto Pickwick Lane. Follow Pickwick to end. Left onto Beechwood. 7221 is on left just before cul-de-sac.

From OUTER loop of Beltway, take exit for Route 1 South. Follow signs for Fort Hunt Road (this will take you on a jughandle across Route 1 to Fort Hunt Road). Follow Fort Hunt for 2 miles to Paul Spring Road. Right onto Paul Spring Road (notice sign for Hollin Hills). Follow Paul Spring until fork at stop sign; take left fork onto Pickwick Lane. Follow Pickwick to end. Left onto Beechwood. 7221 is on left just before cul-de-sac.

 Paid for and authorized by Herring for Congress. Contributions to Herring for Congress are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Conference Update: C’mon, C’mon!

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013.
Location: George Mason University; Fairfax campus; George’s Restaurant in the Johnson Center.
Map can be found here (click).
Purple parking lots are for Visitor Parking.
The Johnson Center is building number 29, in the center of campus.
Please register in advance. George’s Restaurant has a capacity of only 100.
(Click here) for conference registration.  Please pre-register as capacity of the restaurant is 100 people.
Virginia NOW Officers :   VIP Tickets (Optional Donating)
Virginia NOW Members :  Fee and Membership ($35.00)
Students w/ID : Fee ($10.00)
Sliding Scale for low-income registrants : $5 – No Charge
Invited Speaker: Robin Marty of RH Reality Check
Robin and our own Tannis Fuller put on the most attended (standing room only) panel at the national conference in Chicago this year. Robin will be signing her book Crow after Roe (copies available at signing) and discussing current and future challenges to reproductive rights, and strategies for countering those challenges.
Terry O’Neill of the National Organization for Women will attend, possibly address the conference. Her participation is sponsored by the GMU Department of Women and Gender Studies.
9 to 10: Registration and coffee; book signing with Robin Marty. Copies of Crow after Roe will available on site.
10 to 12: Reproductive Rights with Robin Marty
12 to 1:30: Lunch
1:30 to 4: Voting Rights with NALEO, the Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights, and NAACP (invited, speakers to be confirmed)
Links (alphabetically):
George Mason University Department of Women and Gender Studies (click) 
Lawyer’s Committee on Civil Rights (click)
NALEO (click)
Robin Marty and RH Reality Check (click) and Crow after Roe (click)
Terry O’Neill of National Organization for Women (click)

VA NOW PAC Backs The Best Candidate for Women – Creigh Deeds

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds has won the endorsement of the Virginia NOW PAC – the political arm of the Virginia chapter of the National Organization for Women – because his experience and views are superior to those of his opponent on key issues of concern to mainstream, socially aware women.


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