Fellow Advocates!

We have just days left to help Julie Jakopic win the June 9th  Democratic primary for an open seat in the Virginia General Assembly.  In the heavily Democratic 45th district (which includes parts of Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax), the primary is crucial, and we cannot miss this opportunity to help elect a strong feminist.

Julie is not only the most qualified candidate, she’s the only woman in the race. She is also the only candidate who has consistently championed the issues we care about–and she’s done so for 25 years. Moreover, she’s the only candidate who focused attention on women’s issues throughout the campaign.

That’s why Julie not only has our endorsement, but the endorsements of Emily’s List and the Feminist Majority. And, most recently, Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille endorsed Julie as “a proven leader who stands firm for our values and who brings people together to get things done.”

In a state made infamous by its anti-women legislation, including the transvaginal ultrasound bill and regulations shutting down women’s clinics, we need Julie Jakopic to speak out for us.

With five candidates in the race and an anticipated low turnout, it is critical that we all vote and get everyone we know in Julie’s district to get out and vote for her on June 9.

Click here to check if you live in Julie’s district, and if you do, vote for her Tuesday, June 9.

Please also contact friends and family who live in the district and ask them to vote for Julie on June 9.

And join us from 6-8 p.m. on Sunday, June 7 at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington for a GOTV rally and concert with Julie’s friend and Bono double Pavel Sfera! Click here for details.

Julie’s committed to US – in her own words:

“I am the only woman running for this office, and I am endorsed by the incumbent (Rob Krupicka)….I have sunk my heart and soul into equality issues for a quarter century in a variety of ways, in a variety of life experiences, and in a variety of positions. I know firsthand how it feels to bear the brunt of being female in our culture, and I have worked hard to confront and overcome these issues for myself and other women. If elected, I will be in a stronger position to help women. My presence in the Legislature will increase the visibility of women in leadership and the percentage of women in the General Assembly. Also, my presence there will put women in a stronger place to seek higher office in the State and the nation. Last but not least, my candidacy will give women a chance to vote for one of their own who will represent them strongly and wisely.”

For Women!


Marj Signer, Pat Reuss, Norma Gattsek
Virginia NOW


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