VA NOW Young Feminists Conference: Speakers Announced!

This is going to rock. We’re so proud of the work Richmond NOW has done on this conference. They are an amazing crewe!

Virginia ERA Network

SPEAKERS & PANELISTS  ::  Registration Extends to April 3  :: Sponsorships

About #VaYFCon2015
  1. Local organizing team. We are not pulling in national figureheads; we focus on change in communities can make, here and now.
  2. Many conferences are put on by groups who have already planned out everything and just need volunteers. Richmond NOW created these panels, found experts and professionals, and pulled together our personal hours, resources, and ideas. This is a community conference.
  3. The YFC recognizes and acts on the serious nature of intersectional oppression. Discussions and panels are specifically designed to check privileges of race, class, sexuality, and ability status, conciliate, and build towards our future feminist movement.

Saturday Keynote Speakers

Vida Williams
Managing Partner at The Axis Partners & Founder, GirlsFit! In Richmond, VA
Delegate Charniele Herring
46th VA House of Delegates District

Panels will invite discussion and collaboration. Opening remarks by…

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