Training and Management Resources for Our Chapters

Every nonprofit and advocacy organization needs training. We have staff who need to refresh their tech skills or messaging approach. We have new staff who need to their way around, and fast. At live long last, the progressive community has its very own nonprofit training and management organization: The New Organizing Institute (
I attended a two day training in graphic design with them. The training was great. Instructors always moved from objectives to instruction and through to hands-on practice. They offered loads of one-on-one as needed. It was an intense two days, and as a total novice with Photoshop and Illustrator I had to learn fast, but all trainees are given access to the presentation slides, so it’s easy to go in and refresh or practice more later. Totally a +1 in my book.

The trainors they invite are at the top of their game. At least, they were for this graphic design module. Jessica Teal of a was the head of design for the Obama ‘08 campaing. She did nearly the whole first day on design basics. Revolution Messaging went into the deeper mysteries of the software. They’ve worked for Ultraviolet, Senator Cory Booker,, Run Warren Run, Emily’s List, and Lady Parts Justice. So, you’re learning from people of that caliber.
They two registration levels for those who are gainfully employed, depending on the size of your organization: big $800, and small $550. Since VA NOW is all volunteer, I got a scholarship. and we paid a much smaller fee. Worth it. The staff there have to make to a living, and the presenters are serious pros. Also, they feed you breakfast and snacks, and are very into building community and networking — they want to get to know you and for you to get to know others.

They offer free online training modules in the Toolbox on a range of essential topics:

⦁ Organizing And Leadership
⦁ Online Organizing
⦁ Data Management
⦁ Van
⦁ Campaign Management
⦁ Voter Registration
⦁ Voter Contact
⦁ For Trainers
⦁ Organizing Your Career
⦁ Election Administration

So, if you want to expand your skill set, or that of your group or chapter, here’s a good place to look.

Also, more.

Here’s a great article from Social Anarchism on dealing with interpersonal friction in your organizations. It will happen, and we all need bright-new-world strategies for dealing with it.

Lots of tips and advice from Grant Space on managing your organization’s board (executives or officers) and membership.

Blue Avocado is a blog and newsletter full of useful topics for people who run or work for nonprofits.

This Pintrest board is full of fun and non-food fundraising and fun-raising ideas. Money does make a difference.

Idealware is just one of many companies that offer lots of useful softward to help your officers and staff do the work.

Frankly, there is a ton of free advice out there on the ‘net. Go find more of what you need.

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