Save the Date! 2015 Young Feminists Conference April 10-12

Registration Opens Soon!

Watch This Space!

Virginia NOW is excited to invite you to our first annual Young Feminists Conference. This weekend will be a chance for all Virginia’s feminist generations to meet, build or deepened friendships and alliances, and educate each other. Virginia NOW knows from its own long history that feminists of each generation bring vital knowledge, strategies, and energy to the movement. We are still working for equality and inclusiveness with outstanding business like Equal Pay, Family-friendly Workplaces, Reproductive Justice, and the Equal Rights Amendment. And, we are confronted by a bright new century of great promise and challenge.


To make this century the century in which we get it right, we must increase the inclusion of the beloved community, deepen the intersectionality of our feminism to include more political, social, cultural, and environmental work. Feminism is the belief that women are human beings, but for us that just the beginning! 

But this won’t exist without you being a part of the process. This conference is part of a journey that started long before us, and will be here when we are gone. As we continue globalizing our technology-driven society, the intersectionality of social justice and how it affects our modern feminist movement can no longer be left out of the conversation. The elephants in the room: racism, classism, heteronormativity, ableism, the list continues. It’s time to take off our blindfolds and see the elephant.

When we get comfortable, we revert back to old stereotypes and oppression. This movement is an ever evolving process, and we are asking for you to join in the creation. When you raise up a woman, you raise up a whole nation, and we are redefining sisterhood, one conversation at a time. Will you join us?

To these ends, this two day conference will open Friday evening with a reception and happy hour, and a evening of feminist films and photo booth fun! The topics of the conference will include grassroots organizing and running for office, increasing our cultural competency for a global future and the diversity of queer politics, as well as discussions on feminist motherhood and more socially just approaches to fair housing, mental health, personal and community safety, and body positivity. We’ll close Sunday afternoon with a quick feedback session and time left to talk and visit. There could be more! We are still finalizing the agenda.

Our coordinator, Vicki Yeroian and her team in Richmond, including members of Richmond NOW, have been dedicated to coordination of this conference. The cost of the conference all goes to pay for the venue, stipends and travel for the speakers, and for equipment costs. The panels and discussions should be inspiring, challenging, and empowering. Virginia NOW’s officers and staff eagarly look forward to seeing you at the conference and strengthening our alliances and impact on the future of all the women of the Commonwealth. Please, do join us.

Double Tree Hotel 

 Conference takes place in the hotel’s Shenandoah Ballroom, 2nd Floor.

Address: 1021 Koger Center Blvd., Richmond, Va. 23235 (Actually, Midlothian).

(*) Please, register by phone and mention that you are with the Virginia National Organization for Women. Please be prepared to indicate the number and names of guests staying in your room.

Telephone: (804) 379-3800 or 1-800-222-TREE.

Rooms: All the rooms are doubles and allow up to 4 guests per room. $119 per night (Friday and Saturday). We have 40 rooms reserved for attendees.

(*) This special rate is available ONLY UNTIL MARCH 20th!!

Parking and Accessibility: The hotels offers a full compliment of accessibility features including an elevator and accessible rooms. Guests will self-park in the hotel’s parking lot. There is a covered parking foyer for drop-off and pick-up.

Meals and Snacks: Virginia NOW will provide a choice of simple bag lunches on Saturday. Please indicate your choice of meal when you register at Constant Contact. The hotel restaurant, The Midlo Bistro Cafe, is a full service restaurant with service from breakfast at 6:30 am through dinner until 10:00 pm.

Nearby Restaurants: There’s a shopping mall and a variety of well-reviewed restaurants within a few minutes walk or drive from the hotel.

 Room and Ride Share

Guests may arrange to share rooms and rides to Richmond on our Facebook event page.
Please watch this page closely for these requests!
Please be sure to protect your privacy. Use the Private Message feature to exchange information.


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