ERA Passed one vote, with moderate enthusiasm

One move in the right direction, more work to do TODAY. Call, email, tweet. Light them up, folks! The ERA must pass a critical vote today at 4pm. What, Who, How are all at the link!!!!

Virginia ERA Network

Today the Constitutional Amendments Subcommittee voted to “pass by indefinitely” in the ERA (SJ216). This means the committee voted not to vote, but to pass the bill back to the full Privileges and Elections Committee.

While several on the CA subcommittee are pro-woman candidates, some endorsed by VA NOW (and thank you all who support women!!!), the group as a whole remained tepid on the matter of women’s civil equality.

Rather than vote yes or no, the CA chose to kick the bill back to the full committee.

4pm today (Tue. Jan. 27) the full committee meets. Complete contact information can be got on our Facebook page here: CLICK THIS.

Or, read on.

Best to call the senators’ offices as well, click their names on this page here.

A win here means the ERA (SJ216) goes to the floor of the Senate. And then!, we get to contact…

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