Protect Breastfeeding in Virginia

The more we learn about breastfeeding, the better we know it to be on many levels. Virginia NOW supports women in every choice they make — out of free will, and necessity — so we are not proud that Virginia is one of only 3 states not to protect breastfeeding in public places. For mothers who can, and choose to, nourish their children in this way — please consider sending your own version of this email to Delegate BaCote.

Meanwhile, VA NOW keep working for related reproductive justice policies that make parenting choices truly the result of parental choice, and not merely the state or the employer’s whim.

To read the bill, HB 1499, and comment publicly on it: click here.

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To: “” <>

Subject: Support HB 1499, Breastfeeding in Public Places, Mother’s Right (Albo, McClellan)

Dear Delegate BaCote,

In many Virginia families, breastfeeding is important to the health and well-being of mothers and infants. It’s essential that mothers be allowed to breast feed in places outside the home – but Virginia is one of only three states that lacks this specific public protection for women. Our current law from 2002 is narrowly written and only applies to property owned, leased, or controlled by the state. HB1499 (Albo, patron; McClellan, co-patron) would expand protections to any place the mother is lawfully present.

Virginia NOW believes this is a common sense measure to bring Virginia up to speed with standards across the country. We ask you to support HB 1499 in House Health, Welfare & Institutions subcommittee #2.

Thank you for your support of this and your leadership on issues of concern to women and families.

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