News from the Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition

Good news first:

Redistricting: Senate Privileges and Elections advanced several proposals promoting nonpartisan redistricting yesterday afternoon and postponed action on additional measures until next week.

Not So Good News:

Birth control coverage: Senate Commerce and Labor killed Senator Barker’s birth control coverage bill Monday afternoon, voting along party lines to pass it by indefinitely. It was also referred to the Health Reform Commission, which is unlikely to take action.  — So, for moment birth control coverage remains an option in Virginia. Read your plans carefully before buying, or buying in.

ACTION — Equal Pay: Senate Commerce and Labor passed by Senator McEachin’s equal pay bill on Monday. It should be back on the docket for Monday, January 26. — So, before Monday, you may contact this committee (use the contact list here) and borrow from the Fair Pay fact sheet to make your case. Wages should be based only on position and performance — not gender or race.

Minimum Wage: Senate Commerce and Labor killed Senator Marsden’s minimum wage bill Monday afternoon. — So, a wage floor of $10.10 will require on-going effort.

The VA Women’s Equality Coalition,
with our own VP of Legislative Affairs Marj Signer on the left in gray,
and our President Diana Egozcue in two layers of blue on the right.
WEA Presser photo

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