ERA on Senate P&E Docket Today — Urge passage of the resolution to ratify!!!

SJ 216, a state Senate resolution for ratification of the ERA, is on the Senate Privileges & Elections docket for TODAY, Tuesday, January 20, 2015, at 4 p.m. in Senate Room A. If you cannot make it to the Capitol to show your support at this hearing of the bill, be sure to call all the members of the committee to urge them to vote in support.

Vogel (Chairman), Martin, Howell, Deeds, Obenshain, Edwards, McEachin, Smith, Carrico, Reeves, Garrett, Alexander, Miller, Cosgrove

Vogel, Martin, Howell, Deeds, Obenshain, Edwards, McEachin
(804) 698-7527
804) 698-7532
(804) 698-7525
(804) 698-7526
(804) 698-7521

Smith, Carrico, Reeves, Garrett, Alexander, Miller, Cosgrove

(804) 698-7519
(804) 698-7540
(804) 698-7517
(804) 698-7522
(804) 698-7505
(804) 698-7501
(804) 698-7514

Please mention the following talking points:

1. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution, often cited as a reason not to pass the ERA because it provides equality, thus making the ERA no longer necessary (and one that Virginian legislators often point to), is not valid for several reasons: Section 2 of the 14th Amendment specifically includes the wording male citizen and male inhabitant 3 times and is very gender specific in its applicability to males; if it was intended to cover females, then the 19th Amendment would not have been necessary to give females the right to vote, for the 14th Amendment did not give females that right.

2. When dealing with Howell and Cole (chair of PandE), because they want Congress to act first before considering it at the state level, point out that this creates a Catch 22 log jam that leaves women’s equality in legal purgatory. While many in the U.S. Congress and Senate (including Warner and Kaine) have signed onto bills calling for removal of the ratification deadline imposed in 1982, others feel a freshly ratified state is needed before taking action. Virginia would be a beacon for the nation if we took leadership on this important bipartisan, economic, and civil rights issue.

Thank you!

And thanks to Vicki Yeroian and Richmond NOW in Virginia for the quick word!!! 

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