Session opens this week: Turn The VOLUME UP!!!

“It isn’t over. There is much more to do.”
Alice Paul’s last words 

This past Sunday was Alice Paul’s 130th Birthday.  Rights are never given, they are claimed and

When Alice Paul first introduced the ERA, this was the most popular phone in the US.

taken. Our foremothers worked for over 70 years for suffrage, and we are part of this great tradition of courage and grit. It’s in their spirit and honor that I ask you to turn that volume all the way up!

First, I ask you again to reach out to the Privileges and Elections Committee in Virginia to insist that they bring the ERA through to the floor of the House of Delegates for a public and proud vote! (Click here for that guide.) It’s vital that we keep the heat on these legislators in particular.

Let’s get the ERA to the Floor!!

But, we still need that roaring crowd cheering for the ERA to the ears of all our state senators and delegates. On the Contact Congress & General Assembly page of our blog, I have updated the contact information for the 2015 session members at both the state and federal level.

Second, please contact the members of Congress and ask them to support removing the ratification deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment by supporting H.J. Res. 43 (House) and S.J. Res.15 (Senate). Suggest they encourage deadline removal to colleagues in their caucus, across the aisle, and in the other house. (See Media & Messaging for more detail.)

Third, let’s continue to email / Facebook / tweet / call our state level representatives.They equate volume and consistency of contact with voter interest and urgency. So, let’s create that sense of urgency for them.
Here’s a list of some representatives we have not yet contacted. The whole kit is over on the blog. Click on their names, and you can access their websites, which gets you to all their social media. If you have the time, I invite you to go beyond this list, and start repeating contacts. Feel free to rinse and repeat as often as you like. As I say — roar of the crowd!

What to Say:
(adapt to representative’s house, embellish at will)
Dear Honorable (Senator / Delegate) ___________,
I urge you to support ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in this session of the General Assembly. Your colleague, (Sen. Ebbin / Del. Surovell), is sponosoring (SJ 216 / HJ 495), and I encourage you to support and vote for this bill. Both you and the Commonwealth of Virginia deserve to stand proudly in affirmation of the constitutional equality of women.
With my thanks for your service,
Your Name
Your Address

 Delegates to email: 

Rust, Thomas Davis      
Scott, Edward T.          
Sickles, Mark D.           
Simon, Marcus B.         
Spruill, Lionell, Sr.        
Stolle, Christopher P.    
Sullivan, Richard C. (Rip), Jr
Surovell, Scott A.         
Taylor, Scott W.           
Torian, Luke E.           
Toscano, David J.        
Tyler, Roslyn C.          
Villanueva, Ronald A.  
Ward, Jeion A.           
Ware, R. Lee, Jr.        
Watts, Vivian E.         
Webert, Michael J.      
Wilt, Tony O.              
Wright, Thomas C., Jr.
Yancey, David E.        
Yost, Joseph R.           

Senators to email:
Saslaw, Richard L. D 35
Smith, Ralph K. R 19
Stanley, William M., Jr. R 20
Stosch, Walter A. R 12
Stuart, Richard H. R 28
Vogel, Jill Holtzman R 27
Wagner, Frank W. R 7
Watkins, John C. R 10
Wexton, Jennifer T. D 33
I cannot thank you enough for your work. I know how tight time is for all of us. You have my greatest admiration.

We’re the background noise, but we need to be consistent. Members of the Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition will be in Richmond consistently over the session. Advocates from VA NOW and Women Matter will be especially focused on the ERA, and will be making personal contact with legislators and their staff daily. Our efforts will go a long way to supporting their presence.
Again, my thanks to Richmond Sunlight for your amazing work! I could not do this without you!

For Women!
Simone Roberts
Web Editor/Historian/ERA Coordinator   
Virginia NOW
Virginia ERA Network

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