PWC NOW Joins in new local community relations efforts

Hala Ayala, President of PWC NOW, shared this summary of discussion of relations across race in her community with a focus on race and power. An ongoing effort and conversation has resulted in a new Facebook group: Community Conversation. The response grows out of the shocking decision in the Michael Brown and Eric Gardner cases, and our renewed concern over the well being of all of our communities.

The panel discussed the recent cases mentioned in the link and how it relates to our community.  We chatted about what we could do as a community to ensure that we improve police relations.  We also discussed racism, cultural inequities and the lack of diversity in leadership (police, boards and commissions..etc).   As a PWC NOW member and board member, I discussed ways and opportunities that we could improve upon race relations in our community as well as encourage our community members to be involved.  The consensus among everyone that attended is that “You cannot be what you cannot see.”   We all agreed (the panel) on ways we could become “change agents” in our community. Our communities and nation is constantly changing.  We need to consider not only leaders from diverse backgrounds but also how to lead diverse constituents or community members.  This may be only one component to race relations, there are many more dynamics to this topic and is a conversation that we will continue to have.

You can read the full article at Potomac Local.

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