#IbelieveJackie, #NTFstandswithJackie

We don’t love to emphasize the negative, but there is a simple fact:

Rape Culture Is Patriarchy
in a very simple and very damaging form. 

#IbelieveJackie  #NTFstandswithJackie.

Rolling Stone may not have done its due diligence, but Jackie is not a fault in that. The “confirmation” rape culture deniers and apologists feel in the wake of “doomsday” must be countered with loud and consistent affirmations that Jackie is to be believed and that rape culture exists, and that ending it is all about teaching boys and men not to harm women.

98% of rape allegation are true. 1/3 of rapes are reported. 
This must end.

Campus Sexual Assault has risen to the top of news coverage with the release of the Rolling Stone Article and the rebuttal by the University of Virginia fraternity named in the article that they had no party on the alleged night of the gang rape.  NTF in the message below encourages us to stand with and believe the traumatized rape survivor because we are all – or could be – “Jackie.” The Mother Jones Article below has wonderful graphics that we all should print and post them on our walls or wear them like billboards to remind us to never give up until the violence stops. *










 December 9, 2014
Please forward widely!

Join us in tweeting a message of support to “Jackie” and all victims of rape:
#IbelieveJackie  #NTFstandswithJackie.

1 in 5 women are survivors of campus sexual violence.  Someone in your life has been a victim of rape on a college campus. You may know who that is—or that person may have never told you, because they are afraid of being blamed for having done something to deserve the crime committed against them.

Research shows that the trauma of rape has an adverse effect on victims’ memories of sexual trauma. The research of Dr. Rebecca Campbell of Michigan State University shows that rape victims who survive trauma can often have difficulty consolidating the details of the experience and manifest discrepancies in their recounting of what happened to them. The National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence therefore does not take minor discrepancies in certain details of “Jackie’s” story as any reason to begin doubting that she experienced horrific sexual violence by a number of perpetrators.

 No victim of rape should be afraid to seek help or seek justice. The UVA story, as reported in Rolling Stone was shocking to many—but not to those who work with sexual assault survivors. Most victims of rape fear reporting the crime because they are afraid that no one will believe them. Too many victims of rape suffer debilitating PTSD and depression afterwards that makes them afraid to trust others with such a terribly personal, traumatically dehumanizing story. “Jackie” told her story to Rolling Stone and now, due to Rolling Stone’s poor journalistic judgment, she has been put on trial in the media, instead of her rapists being put on trial in a court of law.

Whatever mistakes Rolling Stone made in reporting the story of rape at UVA, “Jackie” should not have to pay the price. “Jackie” has already suffered the trauma of rape. Her suitemate at the time of the incident wrote a public letter saying “Jackie’s” story is not a hoax: http://www.cavalierdaily.com/m/blog/on-sexual-assault-letters-from-the-community/2014/12/a-letter-from-a-friend-jackies-story-is-not-a-hoax

Tweet your support for “Jackie” and all victims of rape!
Join us in tweeting a message of support to “Jackie” and all victims of  rape:

 #IbelieveJackie  #NTFstandswithJackie

*Thanks to Pat Reuss and Marj Signer for getting this to the Communications Team.


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