Abortion Fund Emergency: Tidewater — Update!!

Virginia’s only abortion fund, Blue Ridge Abortion Assistance Fund, never has enough money to help all the women who contact them.

300 calls have come to BRAAF in the last couple months thanks to referrals from the ever-caring Tidewater Women’s Health Clinic.

That’s just Tidewater, and not the whole state of Virginia. 300.

So, BRAAF needs your donations right now.

Donate to BRAAF here, or through Fund Abortion Now to give to other funds.

The women of Virginia need you, and we need you now.


From Kobby Hoffman:

BRAAF is not ONLY ONE as there is another Virginia fund we work with: Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (RRFP) which gives funds out 1st and 15th of month until run out in a day or two.

Also there is the DC Fund who helps too some times. Both will not fund any one before 9 weeks. Some will not pay for ultrasounds but we do both. Also if doctor is a member then we get help from Nat Ab Federation (NAF). Some times NNAF – Nat Network of Ab Funds Tiller Fund has funds and helps too.   Also the clinics discount their fees at times and Planned Parenthood  has women in need fund that will put in 75-150 or so based on need.

We patchwork and coordinate with whoever we can! We are the most flexible. We just want to make things possible for the woman calling.

Together all these funds do what they can and we are stronger and can deal with expensive situations.
Wanted you to know this. We do definitely need the resources as we are running 3 or 4 times more calls so to keep this up is a challenge of raising more funds. THANK YOU for your help.
May we be able to keep up this pace! Critical is keep these women’s freedom to do what they want.
From Jan at BRAAF:
Also, there are 3 Tidewater clinics in the Southeast area that BRAAF is getting referrals from. In addition to Tidewater Women’s Health Clinic, we are hearing from women going to the Peninsula Medical Center for Women and Planned Parenthood of SE Virginia. Many people think that Planned Parenthood has a generous program for helping low income women. Unfortunately, it does not cover all the costs of an ultrasound and abortion and many women who need funds do not meet the financial requirement to get the additional discounts. We send a lot of pledges to all the Planned Parenthood Clinics around the state!
Please Donate!

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