What Happened at the Working Families Summit?

Working Families Summit

1. Some great records of the event are on the website: http://workingfamiliessummit.org/.

2. You can read up on and share commentary here (click).

3. Read and share the articles and op-eds archive at the Huffington Post here (click).

Feminists have long (oh so long) worked toward better working conditions, pay, health care, family leave, and other support mechanisms for working families. We are making some
progress with the help of new allies and energy. Please, make some noise to your friends and to your state and federal representatives. Families that are secure and have the
flexibility they need to deal with real life, not the life of the ideal worker, are families that contribute better to our nation, our culture, and our economy — they are families that have the resources and the time to raise engaged and caring citizens and to just plain enjoy life in America.

These sources are just a start, but we wanted you to have a chance to tune in the events of the summit.

Carry on, people!

Dr. Simone Roberts
Web Editor / Historian
Virginia NOW



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