Virginia NOW Endorses Alan Howze, Democratic Candidate for Arlington County Board


For Immediate Release
Bharat Krishnan, Campaign Manager, 202-805-0911

Arlington, Va. – March 3, 2014 – The Virginia Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) has voted to endorse Alan Howze for election to the Arlington County Board.  “Alan Howze is committed to the social justice values of the women’s rights movement – and these values are as important at the county level as at the national level,” said Marj Signer of Arlington, co-chair of the Virginia NOW political action committee.

“We are impressed by Howze’s grasp of issues that are important to women in Arlington as well as throughout the state,” she said and listed four of Howze’s specific focus areas.

  • Reproductive Choice – He will oppose Republican efforts to restrict women’s reproductive choice options and remove or limit women’s access to affordable reproductive health care services.”
  • Healthcare Coverage – He supports expanding Medicaid healthcare coverage, which will improve the lives of women in Arlington – and their families – and increase their financial security. Howze will work with the Arlington Department of Human Services to enroll eligible people. 
  • Economic Inequality – Howze understands that wage stagnation and income inequality have created significant challenges for women and made closing the gender wage gap more difficult. He supports efforts to increase wages for low and middle income workers.
  • Affordable housing – The high cost of housing in Arlington can create significant burdens for women and families. Howze supports  increasing the availability of affordable housing in Arlington.

“Based on Howze’s understanding of these issues, Virginia NOW wholeheartedly endorses him for Arlington County Board,” said Signer.

Howze said, “I’m honored that the Virginia NOW political action committee has endorsed my candidacy, and I will continue to advocate for social justice.”


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Alan Howse

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