ACT TODAY! GOP Delegates Stuff Choice Restrictions into 2014-16 Budget: STOP THEM!

The toolkit  at our website  (click)  helps you take action against the anti-choice amendments included in the House budget. The bills in House of Delegates are dangerous to women’s lives and the health our families. We hope you’ll use this tool kit TODAY.

On Sunday, February 16th the House of Delegates unveiled its outline for the 2014-2016 Virginia budget (HB30). The budget contained several provisions to further attack women’s health and rights, including measures to

  • defund Planned Parenthood (4-5.04 #3h)
  • prevent executive action on newly-enacted clinic regulations (4-5.04 #4h)
  • and strip funding for low-income women who seek abortion when the fetus has been diagnosed with an incapacitating mental or physical anomaly (4-5.04 #6h)

 The House must vote on their final budget by Thursday (Feb. 20th) at midnight. The House budget will then move to the Senate for action. Currently, there are zero anti-choice amendments in the Senate budget.

Our thanks to the ACLU/Reproductive Freedom Project for their fast action and this handy kit! Thank You!

For more information, contact:


Katherine Greenier
Director, Reproductive Freedom Project
ACLU of Virginia
701 E. Franklin St., Ste. 1412
Richmond, VA 23219
■ o 804.523.2147
■ e


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