Advocacy Feb 10 -14

Hello wonderful VA NOW advocates and allies,

This is your forth weekly update to our VA NOW General Assembly action! Thank you to those who got active last week on reproductive justice, domestic violence and stalking, payday loans AND to those who attended our 2014 Women’s Lobby Day! We had a wonderful day of action!! To remind you, we have asked all our all star GA volunteers (yes, that’s YOU!) to commit to the following:

  • Writing at least two emails to committees you are interested in following, one in Jan and one in Feb
  • To try to make it out to a committee meeting when legislation is being voted on OR (more realistically) send an email to your selected committees when you are alerted that bills are being voted on.
  • To attend an advocacy day to gain more experience with the legislative process

So, what’s up this week??

 First, this week is crossover, meaning all bills that have passed the House will be moved to the Senate and assigned to a committee. All bills that have passed the Senate will be moved to the House and assigned to a committee. Crossover is tomorrow; all bills that have not passed the House or the Senate by the end of session on Tuesday will automatically die.

Second, I have attached our VA NOW billsheets for the week. Every week they are updated, as some of the legislation we are monitoring dies or gets passed by indefinitely in committee. Remember, we are tracking bills related to the following topics–

  • Family Health
  • Community Safety
  • Social and Economic Equity
  • Civil and Human Rights

Third, you will see an updated committee tracking document, which is how you can find out where legislation you are interested in currently is! Since we will only be sending out an email once a week, please be sure you  take a minute, two or three times a week, to check the docket of the committees your bills are in and see if you should send out an email or not. Links to all dockets are in the committee tracking document. 

What we recommend taking action on this week:

Voting Rights:
(Both in House Privileges and Elections)
Support SB 16 Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older on day of an election are entitled to vote absentee ballot.
Support SB 11 Absentee voting and procedures; secure return of voted military-overseas ballots.
(Both in Senate Privileges and Elections)
Support HB 670 Absentee ballots; name and signature requirements.
Support HB 838 Absentee ballot; procedures for return of envelope.
Gender Equality:
(In House Privileges and Elections)
Support SJ 78 United States Constitution; General Assembly to ratify and affirm Equal Rights Amendment
Poverty Reduction:
(Both in House Counties, Cities, and Towns)
Support SB 10 Water and sewer; discounted fees and charges for certain low-income and disabled customers
Support SB 67 Discounted fees and charges; City of Richmond may develop criteria for certain customers. 

The link to all standing committees in the General Assembly:


If you end up misplacing any documents, like our fact sheets or what our strategy is for writing Committee emails, please note you can always check out our VA NOW website to stay updated and informed on the issues. The direct link is here: You can also view our most current billsheets and committee tracking documents on our VA NOW blog site, here: 

And always remember: if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to talk about any piece of legislation we are monitoring, do not hesitate to contact me directly! Please have a wonderful week and talk with you soon!!

Vicki Yeroian, BSW
Statewide  Director of  Lobbying, VA NOW

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