We’re Going to Richmond, VA NOW Advocacy Efforts 2014

In light of recent Democratic and progressive victories in Virginia elections VA NOW is ramping up our advocacy work in a major way. [Congratulations again to the victorious candidates and their teams and volunteers and supporters and voters, you rock!]

Given the truth that all issues are, in more than one way, women’s issues, we address ourselves this year to legislation ranging from the issues you know us for to restoring civil rights to people released from prison and community safety and greater access to mental health services. But, that’s not all, and the list of our ambitions is extensive. Visit VA NOW in Action and Represent at our website for more information and weekly updates.

From our own ranks, we have formed Advocacy Teams, each dedicated to watching bills and writing two emails per week to the relevant legislators and Committees. If you would like to enhance our efforts with your voice, please contact Vicki Yeroian, Statewide Director of Lobbying, VA NOW at lobbyingdirector@vanow.org. The materials and links you need to find inspiration for your emails, read our positions on issues, contact legislators and committees, track bills, and make it to our Lobby Days at the Capitol can all be found on the Represent and VA NOW in Action pages (linked above), and our Events Calendar.

We invite you to (join) in our efforts. On VA NOW in Action, you will also find guides to our advocacy strategy for the year and a our Lobbying 101 guide which gives concise advice about how to write emails to legislators and how to handle in-person lobbying. Our legislative and advocacy leaders, Vicki Yeroian and Marj Signer (legislativevp@vanow.org) will be happy to help you get ready to help us and yourself. For more information, see also this post: What’s Up at the 2014 General Assembly.

Of course, we are still working with our ally organizations (see Alliance) to ratify the Equal Right Amendment (Ratify) and protect voting and other civil rights, support women in difficult social and personal situations. We’re just stretching our muscles to support and embrace a host of issues that affect all Virginians, and all Virginian women now that we have more favorable winds at our backs.

In Peace and Progress,
Dr. Simone Roberts
Web Editor VA NOW

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