Don’t Be Fooled by Barbara Comstock!

kathleen_murphyThe Washington Post endorsed Democrat Kathleen Murphy in the 34th District (parts of McLean, Great Falls, Vienna) and said Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock has “one of the most ideologically rigid voting  records in Richmond.” “Voters…shouldn’t be fooled,” said the Post (10/25/13, editorial page).

Comstock’s Voting Record Is Too Extreme for the 34th District.
Kathleen Murphy Will Represent the District’s Values and Priorities.

Comstock voted against the bipartisan transportation compromise (HB 2313), which provides funds to expand and repair the highway system and Metro and other railway infrastructure and to fix deficient bridges throughout Northern Virginia.

Comstock voted to cut $620 million from public education (HB 30). Voted to eliminate Project Discovery, which helps students prepare for college level education (HB 1500 Amendment Item 131 #2h). Voted against a bipartisan budget bill, which allocated $66 million for teacher bonuses and provided a 2% pay raise (Item 132 #4h to HB 1500).

Women’s Rights
Comstock voted for the mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound bill (HB 462). Voted to make common forms of birth control illegal—including the pill and IUDs – and to eliminate in vitro fertilization—by supporting “Personhood” proposal (HB 1).

Gun Safety
Comstock voted to repeal the “one-gun-a-month” purchase law (HB 940). Voted to restrict cities and counties from conducting gun buyback programs  (HB 22). Voted to allow patrons to carry guns in bars and restaurants (HB 505).

Produced by VA NOW PAC volunteers and not authorized by any candidate.


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