Incumbents Who Have Earned Our Endorsement…

The Virginia NOW PAC today announced its endorsement of 19 incumbent  members of the House of Delegates for re-election Nov. 5th. We have worked with these elected officials and monitored their legislative activity. They are proven champions of women’s rights and social justice and they deserve our active support. 

District 35   Mark Keam

District 36   Kenneth Plum

District 37   David Bulova

District 38   Kaye Kory

District 39   Vivian Watts

District 41   Eileen Filler-Corn

District 43   Mark Sickles

District 44   Scott Surovell

District 45   Rob Krupicka

District 46   Charniele Herring

District 47   Patrick Hope  

District 48   Bob Brink

District 49   Alfonso Lopez

District 57   David Toscano

District 69   Betsy Carr

District 71   Jennifer McClellan

District 77   Lionel Spruill

District 92   Jeion Ward

District 95   Mamye BaCote 


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