Getting Active at the Virginia General Assembly

The Virginia General Assembly began its current session January 9 and is scheduled to conclude February 23. Virginia NOW is tracking a number of bills and will send out alerts when it’s necessary to take action.

We are proud to represent the interests of Virginia women during the session and to be a resource to NOW chapters. We hope you’ll get organized and excited to take a trip to Richmond for a day or two, or even more! Our lobbying team would be happy to email/call/chat with you about some ways to help out in your own town. But remember, physical presence and people power are what change the course of history–the Commonwealth NEEDS us all!

So, what are we doing?

On Mondays— through Feb 18, starting at 1:30pm
We will meet right outside the main entrance of the General Assembly Building (910 Capitol St Richmond VA)
Join Vicki – NOW’s Volunteer Lobbyist – and the Alliance for Progressive Values Women’s Taskforce, and Unite Women as we talk with Delegates and Senators on issues we, as advocates of women’s rights and social justice, are concerned about or support. If you have never met with your Delegate or Senator before, do not feel pressured or unimportant. Remember, we are strong in numbers and no one will be asked to speak who is not comfortable doing so. This is a chance to learn hands on with like-minded and supportive people.

On Wednesdays— through Feb 13, starting at 8:30am
7th Floor West Conference Room of the General Assembly Building (910 Capitol St Richmond VA)
Join our lobbying team as we attend the League of Women Voters’ Roundtable. The Roundtable is a place to hear updates on legislation, hear from Delegates and Senators on a variety of issues, and network with women and men from MANY different community groups working on similar issues as NOW. After the Roundtable, there will be an opportunity of us to talk with Delegates and Senators regarding our legislation.

On Fridays— through Feb 15) starting at 11am
We are meeting at the gate of the main entrance to the General Assembly Building (910 Capitol St Richmond VA)
Join Richmond NOW, Unite Women, and Women United as we take on the General Assembly, suffragist style. We will be standing together with protest signs demanding different aspects of women’s rights and social justice issues. Let’s make our voices heard – and visible! These signs are being professionally made, but if you have a specific opinion and would like to bring your own sign, the more the merrier. This is a peaceful assembly of feminist activists, so we please ask that if someone does come up and makes a degrading or negative remark about one of our signs, we do not engage in any way! Focusing on people who are fighting for injustice does no nothing for our goal of moving VA and our Nation forward.


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