We Will Not Be Silenced & We Will Continue to Fight!

Supporters of women’s reproductive health converged on the Board of Health meeting Sept 14 in Richmond to press our case. Many of us were denied admission to the meeting so we held an impromptu meeting outside. The Board dealt a blow to women’s health and well-being by voting, 13-2, to reverse regulations it had previously adopted that exempted women’s clinics from onerous and unnecessary construction requirements. This fight for women’s clinics and women’s health care is not over!!

Kobby Hoffman (left) and Tannis Fuller of Charlottesville NOW

Josh Kadrich

Connie Boyer of Richmond NOW

L-R: Joan Dix, Charlottesville; Logan Smith, Henrico; Mary Coiner, Richmond; Pat Fishback, Richmond

Mother and Daughter for Reproductive Rights: Rebecca Samawicz (left) and Justine Manning

Leila Choudhury of Henrico

Evelyn Waring, RN – came despite a huge cast on her leg because “I’m a nurse and this is about health”

We will not be silenced! When we were not allowed in the meeting or overflow rooms and our voices were silenced, we gathered for an impromptu hearing.


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