In Wake of Gov. McDonnell’s Mandatory Ultrasound Bill, Virginia NOW Calls for Defeat of Sexist Politicians

In Wake of Gov. McDonnell’s Mandatory Ultrasound Bill, Virginia NOW Calls for Defeat of Sexist Politicians
Statement of Virginia Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) President Diana Egozcue and Legislative Vice-President Marjorie Signer
March 7, 2012

Governor McDonnell’s condescending statement justifying his signing the mandatory ultrasound bill (HB 462) insults both women and medical professionals. It says, in effect, women are too stupid to think for themselves about having an abortion. If ultrasounds have to be mandated for “informed consent,” it means that doctors aren’t competent enough to order an ultrasound when needed and are derelict in fully informing women about the procedure.

The fact that the bill’s sponsors did not know it would require a vaginal probe – which many called state-mandated rape—shows their complete lack of sincerity, not to mention ignorance about what they were doing. It was a political move from the start, to rally their base. Their concern for women’s health and informed consent was mere window-dressing.

Until we get rid of every vestige of sexism and defeat every sexist politician, legislation like the mandatory ultrasound bill will continue to be passed. What we need to do is clear: defeat elected officials who play politics with women’s bodies and health.


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  1. Jesse
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 15:03:20

    Though the provision didn’t end up passing, I still back this effort 100%. We all hear about the sexism and discrimination in various states and by various lawmakers and their attack on women’s rights but it would be so much better to hear about those in power standing up for equal rights. A friend sent me a link to which really shocked me into action. Seeing sexism so widespread and so prominent, even around the world, is sickening.

    Thank you for standing up against this.



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