Have You Heard What Petersburg’s Mayor Said?

Petersburg Mayor Brian Moore made reprehensible comments after a majority of the Petersburg City Council voted to keep the City Manager in his job with full pay after his arrest for assault and domestic battery.  The City Manager’s wife’s sworn statement to police is that he punched her in the nose, grabbed her by the hair, thrust her head into the floor, and punched her in the stomach during an argument last weekend.  A court will sort out whether the City Manager is guilty, but Mayor Moore’s dismissive comments send a terrible message to victims of abuse:

“We understand that [some city residents] are upset, but also they need to realize things happen in domestic relationships…” and
“”There’s always reconciliation. We’re all human.”

Virginia NOW knows that domestic violence is deadly seriousand that Mayor Moore’s remarks can have deadly consequences.  By minimizing the seriousness of violence against women as “a personal issue,” Moore’s remarks play into the hands of batterers. It gives them comfort and an excuse to be abusive. With one in four women already experiencing domestic abuse and violence, we must take it seriously. Regardless of whether City Manager William E. Johnson III is guilty or not, Moore should apologize for his remarks.  


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