Take Action to Keep Women’s Clinics Open

The Virginia Department of Health released the draft TRAP regulations (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) on Friday. These regulations threaten the continued availability of safe, legal first-trimester abortion in Virginia. It is clear that politics–not public health and sound science–is the driving force behind the regulations.

The draft regulations require existing women’s health centers in Virginia to meet extensive, significant physical plant requirements found in the 2010 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities – including Guidelines for Outpatient Surgical Facilities, otherwise called ambulatory surgical facilities. These guidelines are intended for new construction in the process of being built. They were never intended for existing health care structures and are not intended to apply to office-based surgical procedures. By imposing the 2010 Guidelines on existing structures, the Virginia Department of Health would force most women’s health centers to make substantial architectural changes in order to stay open. Rather than protect women’s health, the regulations could endanger women because they could shut down clinics and limit access to safe abortion.

On September 15, the Board of Health will vote on these regulations.

TAKE ACTION: Join Virginia NOW and other partners in the Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health in Richmond on September 14, the day before the Board of Health meeting, to speak out against the attack on women’s reproductive health! Learn more at http://www.coalitionforwomenshealth.org/

When: 11:30 am
Where: Virginia Commonwealth University, Compass Area, Richmond, VA. Located between the James Branch Cabell Library, Hibbs Hall and the Shafer Court Dining Center, at the center of the VCU campus.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the Coalition petition to Governor McDonnell at http://www.coalitionforwomenshealth.org/


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