Gov. McDonnell’s 11th-Hour Attack on Reproductive Health Care in Virginia

Gov. McDonnell has just added a sweeping anti-abortion amendment to a bill that will create a health insurance exchange (marketplace) as part of health care reform. We have until “veto day” – Wednesday April 6 – to stop it.
Check out the Washington Post story on this

The provision will ban coverage of abortion (except in very limited cases) on the Virginia exchange. It will affect women of all income levels who obtain insurance on the exchange: it will ban coverage of abortion in government policies, subsidized policies, policies that women get from their employers, policies that women purchase with their own money, and riders to policies. In short, it will eliminate insurance coverage of abortion for millions of Virginia women who will use the exchange (when it begins to operate in 2014).

Please take action – contact your state Senator, whether or not he/she is pro-choice.

Tell him/her you oppose Gov. McDonnell’s amendment to ban coverage of abortion on the state insurance exchange.
Women do not want or need to be told how to spend their private insurance dollars.
Private insurance companies do not need to be told what they can and cannot offer.
Click here for contact information for your Senator.

Check the Virginia NOW facebook page for updates.

We need to put pressure on Senators NOW – especially the Democrats!! Remember, we only have until Wednesday April 6 – “veto day” – to stop this.

Background: A majority must vote to accept the amendment for it to become part of a new law. The anti-choice GOP majority in the House of Delegates supports it. But we have a chance in the Senate. Democrats – who hold a narrow majority in the Senate – will likely fight the amendment if we demand they do so! The problem: two Democrats in the Senate generally vote for abortion restrictions. If both vote to accept the amendment, the chamber would be split 20 to 20 and Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling would break the tie by voting for the amendment.

This is what happened with the vote that resulted in the passage this year of the medically unnecessary TRAP bill (Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers), which is intended to shut down clinics. Don’t let this happen again! Act now!


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