Republicans’ Sneak Attack on Clinics! CALL YOUR SENATOR

Two days to go! The Virginia Senate will vote 2/24 or 2/25 on Senate Bill 924 – which includes an amendment that will impose medically unnecessary regulations on abortion providers (this is the TRAP legislation – Targeted Regulations on Abortion Providers) that we have fought year after year. Call your Senator NOW, whether he or she is pro-choice or anti-choice, Democratic or Republican. Ask your neighbors and friends to call. We have to flood the switchboard to stop this sneak attack.

Find your senator:

This amendment is a stealth attempt to shut down clinics by the same Republicans who have lost year after year and who lost again this year in the Senate. It’s an 11th-hour sneak attack and we have to stop it!

Targeted regulations of abortion providers (or TRAP laws) are thinly-veiled attempts to deny women access to LEGAL and SAFE abortion procedures. Opponents of abortion rights claim that these procedures are unsafe and unregulated. That’s not true! First-trimester abortion is one of the safest and most common of all in-office surgical procedures, with complication rates in less than one-half of one percent of all procedures. Their true purpose is to force clinics to close, leaving the women of Virginia with little or no access to abortion services unless they travel out-of-state.

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