The Election is Over, Time to Get to Work

Rosie the RiveterBy Diana Egozcue, Virginia NOW President

The election is over, and we have a lot of work to do. There will be fewer women of both parties in the United States Congress–the first time in 32 years that female representation has fallen. Before this election, we were tied with Turkmenistan and ranked behind 88 other countries for female legislative representation. What a giant shame!

Obviously, both parties are not recruiting women or supporting women as they should. In 2008, 57% of women voters supported the Democratic party, and we have to make ourselves heard. Unfortunately, too many women feel they are not qualified or don’t have the money to run for office. When men are asked to run, they immediately say “Yes” and then “Where’s the money?” Do you know that women control a lot of the money in the U.S.? I wonder all the time what we are waiting for…directions from someone else? From on high? Why not from ourselves? Stop being afraid and know that women, as a group, are more informed because we care about our families’ welfare and other people. That’s who we are. It’s time to WOMAN UP!

Virginia NOW is stepping up to the plate in January. We are getting the Equal Rights Amendment introduced in the Legislature again after more than 20 years. Yes, the original ERA is alive and well! This where we step forward together and make our voices heard. Together, we will send e-mails, lobby state senators and representatives, and write letters and newspapers in support. Women can demand civil rights under the Constitution, and men can demand those rights for mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and grand-daughters. Put January and February on your calendar…more information will come as the time approaches. Don’t sit on the side lines because this will be a hard fight. Gov. McDonnell campaigned saying he believed in women’s rights, and now he can prove it.

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