Krystal Ball- Not Tarnished by Wittman’s Dirty Politics

By Diana Egozcue, Virginia NOW President

Krystal Ball is the perfect example of a young woman whom you would want as a member of Congress. She is smart with a capital S, approachable, savvy, an entrepreneur, a mother, and very knowledgeable about issues concerning Virginia and the United States. But in politics the operative word is WOMAN. The Republicans have put up a record number of women for office and called this year the year of the woman in politics, but these women do not represent the ideas or issues of feminists. Sarah Palin has co-opted the word feminist, but has no idea what the word means. Krystal Ball does.

Krystal’s opponent in the 1st Congressional District, Rob Wittman, has decided to play dirty politics. The photos of Krystal that were posted on a far right blog were private pictures from a party she attended with her then-husband. Many of us have done things when we were younger that we’d just as soon forget. We should not have to defend Krystal.

Why is it that women candidates have to be as pure as the driven snow to run for office? You have to wonder what pictures like these would have done to Rob Wittman. I would guess back slapping and wink wink from men. What is it that allows senators from Louisiana and Nevada to get away with paying prostitutes and mistresses with no outcry from the Republican party? They cried foul when Republican Nicky Haley was accused of having affairs and when Republican Meg Whitman was called a whore for taking bribes from the police fund, but then they turn around and call Krystal Ball a whore.

Krystal represents TRUE feminists in Virginia and women everywhere who want the U.S. to become more like the democracy we profess to be. If we are true feminists we need to support our women candidates with time and money and to be activists wherever we’re needed. Sitting home and being angry does no good. We need to enlist people to protest the inequality around us and demand our rights as women. Krystal Ball will be my congresswoman because I know she’s the right choice, and I will be proud to have the youngest woman in Congress bringing new ideas to Virginia. Lord knows we need them since our national image is that of Neanderthals!


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  1. Maria
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 17:41:09

    Thank you for standing up for Virginia women. I would like to add that I don’t support calling any woman a whore for whatever reason, and telling male candidates to “man up” smacks of sexism as well.

    Until we arrive at a time and place where we can simply focus on the issues, I believe it’s important to continue to condemn all perpetrators of sexism.



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