Lana Ingram – and A Lot of Other NOW Members – Endorse Krystal Ball

Krystal Ball Deserves Endorsement
By Lana Ingram

Krystal Ball embodies exactly what the Farm Team is promoting – a strong, young woman who is committed to moving Virginia forward.  She is 21st century media savvy as can be seen on her webpage, facebook page, and even a listing in Wikipedia. With a degree in Economics, a CPA, her background in competitive sports, and her young daughter, we can expect an intelligent, unflinching, leader who will strive to protect our future.  Her focus is on building healthy communities through economic prosperity, an educated citizenry, and a safe, healthy environment.
Some quotes about Krystal:
National Women’s Political Caucus: “Running for: House, Virginia’s 1st District, Krystal Ball is a strong, passionate candidate who, like NWPC, has noticed that congress needs more of something: Women. As an openly pro-choice candidate, she promises to protect for women’s rights and interests. She wants to fight for improved education in our schools, better environmental policies, equal marriage rights, and second amendment rights.” 

Former Stafford County Democratic Chair: “Krystal has already raised more money than any of our immediate past Democratic candidates were able to raise throughout their entire campaigns. As of the last reporting period, she has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars; and it is likely from what I’m hearing that she will be approaching a half million dollars at the end of this reporting period (12/2009). To put this in context, this would be more than Shawn O’Donnell (D-2006), Philip Forgit (D -2007) and William (“Bill”) Day (D-2008) were able to raise combined throughout their entire campaigns. This huge cash advantage will allow Krystal to gather the necessary resources to get her message out.”

Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA), Chairman, Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. In his endorsement he notes “Krystal will be a strong champion of our armed service members and a fierce advocate for our veterans and their families, both inside and out of the district. I am impressed by her call to service and with her background as a CPA and small business owner. I believe she has a valuable perspective from which to legislate on economic issues, and will be the best voice for Virginia’s first district.”, “Obviously, it’s time for a change in the 1st CD. Fortunately, there’s an excellent Democrat running who will work to bring that change. Her name is Krystal Ball, and today I am enthusiastically endorsing her for the Democratic nomination and for Congress. I’ve got to say, I’ve had some tough calls over the past few years in Democratic nomination contests, but this isn’t one of them; Krystal is the clear choice for a large number of reasons.”

Andrew Tobias, DNC Treasurer:  “For my part, I was sufficiently impressed to make my own investment in her race

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  1. Alicia
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 14:59:14

    Headline should read “Lana and a whole bunch of other NOW members are endorsing Krystal Ball.” Me too! Krystal is an excellent candidate with a refreshingly dedicated approach to public service and creative ideas for solving our nation’s problems. Krystal’s message is resonating with people from all walks of life in the Virginia First District — including military retirees, local government officials, teachers, senior citizens, young parents, federal employees, union members, business leaders, college students, and yes, feminists! We are all so proud of Krystal and are working very hard to see that she wins.



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