It’s Official- Women Hold Up Half the Sky

For the first time in U.S. history, women are half of all workers and mothers are the primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners in nearly two-thirds of American families. NOW is at the forefront of this change – and that’s just one reason to be a NOW member. 

A new report by journalist Maria Shriver, “A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything,” analyzes this new reality …and reports how much hasn’t changed. Good child care, family-friendly policies, realistic school hours, all those certainly haven’t changed much. That’s why NOW is fighting harder than ever for pay equity, family leave, health care, and all the other changes that women and men need.

 This report is full of fascinating information, and definitely worth checking out:

What do you think? Comment below…and read on.


A few key findings (you may not be surprised but it’s helpful to have confirmation):

  • Four in five families with children at home are not the traditional male breadwinner/female homemaker model. Women are increasingly becoming their family’s breadwinner or co-breadwinner. Yet quality child care and flexible hours at work are in short supply.
  • Men and women agree that government and business are out of touch with their lives. Again, we need flexible work schedules, comprehensive child care policies, redesigned family and medical leave, and equal pay.
  • Workplaces are no longer the domain of men. The last remnants of those days can scarcely be found at all, save on episodes of “Mad Men” or on “Leave it to Beaver” reruns. Women now comprise half the workers on employers’ payrolls. And while men and women still tend to work in different kinds of jobs, most workers under 40 have never known a workplace without women bosses and women colleagues.
  • Schools still let kids out in the afternoon, long before the workday ends, and they shut their doors for three months during the summer, even though most families with children are supported by a single working parent or couple.  



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