Our Picks for Delegate

Updated October 14, 2009

The Virginia NOW PAC – Political Action Committee –  has endorsed candidates for delegate who will work for significant improvements on issues of concern to women, including health care, pay equity, and reducing violence. The election is November 3. 

Endorsed candidates include Virginia NOW member and 46th District Delegate Charniele Herring, who is running for re-election, and two candidates who are vying to oust obstructionist, outdated incumbents  – John Bell in the 13th District, running against the most anti-choice individual in the House of Delegates, Robert Marshall, and Greg Werkheiser in the 42nd District, making a second attempt to defeat Dave Albo. Volunteers to make calls and canvass in their districts are needed. 

The PAC also gave its strongest endorsement to Delegate Margaret Vanderhye, a champion for women’s health, who patroned legislation to establish a fund for breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention and treatment. Her  opponent,  Barbara Comstock, is known for her staunch anti-choice views. 

In addition, a number of newcomers earned the VA NOW PAC endorsement: Mark Keam in the 35th District, Kaye Kory in the 38th District, Scott Surovell in the 44th District, Patrick Hope in the 47th District, Cynthia Neff in the 58th District, and Betsy Carr in the 69th District.

The VA NOW PAC awards its endorsement based on candidates’ responses to questions about  a wide range of issues of concern to Virginia women, including constitutional rights for women, pay equity, improvements in women’s and family health care,  and reducing violence against women.  All endorsed candidates support maintaining access to reproductive health care.  They also support full equality for gays, lesbians and persons who are bisexual and transgender in employment , housing, custody decisions, adoptions, and military service. Endorsed candidates are:

Endorsed candidates (listed alphabetically) are:

John Bell –  13th District

Robert Brink –  48th District

David Bulova – 37th District

Betsy Carr – 69th District

Chuck Caputo – 67th District

Adam Ebbin – 49th District

David Englin – 45th District

Charniele Herring – 46th District

Patrick Hope  –  47th District

Mark Keam – 35th District

Kaye Kory – 38th District

Dave Marsden – 41st District

Jennifer McClellan – 71st District

Delores McQuinn – 70th District

Stevens Miller – 86th District

Cynthia Neff – 58th District

Jeanette Rishell – 50th District

Scott Surovell  – 44th District

David Toscano – 57th District

Margaret Vanderhye – 34th District

Vivian Watts – 39th District

Greg Werkheiser – 42nd District

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